🤼‍♂️ I’m about half done moving workloads from various Raspberry Pi’s to my new mini PC

Gave up on VNC for my headless mini PC running Linux Mint. Installed NoMachine instead which instantly worked.

In other news our college freshman daughter apparently killed her laptop. Tis a shame because I really liked it.

Frustrating afternoon installing Linux Mint on this headless BMAX. Have yet to find the magic needed to have remote VNC run at the device’s full resolution.

Also none of my Logitech BT keyboards will stay connected. Disconnect and reconnect every second. Giving up for today.

🖥️ Installing Linux Mint on my new BMAX B1 Plus

👻 Busy getting things done. Unfortunately those things are not what is on my to-do list for today. Avoidance.

I’ve been using kagi.com as my default search engine for about a week now. I’m working on several projects needing specialized search. Kagi is not a “revelation from on high” but it produces clean results and excludes the garbage factory sites. Also I haven’t once had to bail out to Google search. Definitely better than DDG. Planning to stick with it.

ht @cheribaker

Having failed to banish the succubus inhabiting my brain when I think of naming my new mini PC I have given up. But I’m going with “lamia”. This word is new to me and looking at Wikipedia wow, what a reputation!

I was trying to think of a name for the mini PC I ordered and “succubus” came to mind for some reason. And now I can’t un-think it🤪

From the “sounds great but ain’t” files. Urgent care said they could give my my Rx while there, no need to go the pharmacy. Sounded great. Turns out they have this vending machine that spits it out after you talk to a pharmacy tech and pharmacist. 30 minutes later my Rx finally came out. Could have gone to the pharmacy faster.

⚕️ At urgent care. Turns out I have an ear infection.

Thinking about getting a fanless mini PC to consolidate tasks from some RPi. Trying to decipher spec’s because there so many choices and clones.

🥐 Being tempted to get a donut…

I’m going to 3D print some more gridfinity bins for my garage drawers. It’s amazing how much space these have freed up.

Juniper, oh Juniper. Why do you hate me?

Allergy season has arrived and Juniper pollen is set to max. All those hay fever symptoms plus my brain enters a fog bank.

Seems like Manton buckled down and finally found the bug that has been screwing up my Micro.blog posting for months.🤞I was on the verge of doing my own thing so, hopefully, this saves me from that. Not how I want to spend my time.

💲 Finishing income taxes for two states

On the hunt for a bit of Python code to grab all image URLs from small HTML files🕵️‍♂️

😋 Guilty pleasure: Cinnabon. Nom nom

🌝 Eating far too many of the oatmeal raisin cookies my wife just made 🍪

These squares are very short but I don’t think this filament roll is gonna make it. Standing by to do a quick swap.


🥊 Wrestling with python🐍🤼‍♀️

I explored Jekyll and set up a test environment using GitHub pages. Took awhile because I made the mistake of looking at Github’s way too complicated instructions. Tinkered with a few scripts to pull my social posts automatically. I’m not sure what my destination is yet. It’s a journey.🚢

Github pages wrangling done. Now to do something more enjoyable.