It arrived and it is a beauty! @burk

The start of something good: my wife is making my mom’s recipe for oatmeal raisin cookies. They’re the family favorite! 🍪

TFW you hear your son on a FaceTime call helping the principal’s son with homework 😄

I’m contemplating purchase of a modest table saw. I’ve “made do”, poorly, but have a new custom shelf project in mind. If I don’t get a table saw there’s pretty much no way it will turn out decent. Good ones are heavy so portability will be factor. 🪵

I got a cappuccino from a new indie coffee shop today. They use beans I’ve not had before - from a Houston roaster called Luce. They also serve boba and gelato. Here’s hoping they do well in spite of Covid. ☕️

N.B. all cappuccinos are too small 😁

Our daughter’s first job has worked out great. She likes the work and the people, has made some money, and most importantly is learning important lessons about the benefits and rewards of working.

I didn’t get the virtual sticker until I asked Manton about it. I haven’t gotten a sticker in the mail yet though. I did register and attend live. @Burk ?

I’m glad Apple will have an app tailored to classical music but hope it doesn’t cost extra

Apple Acquires Classical Streaming Service Primephonic - Billboard

Watching my first college 🏈 game of the year: Nebraska at Illinois. Fox is broadcasting it in 4K HDR and it looks sweet!

I tried disconnecting my IFTTT applet for Day One and it never picked up my posts (also didn’t report new errors). Now I’ve created a new applet to do the same thing. Last time that worked (for a week or two). Let’s see what happens this time…

Has anyone created a script, to run on a Mac, that can monitor a feed XML and use Day One’s command line tools to import it to a journal? I think (?) this is possible.

For the first time in years both kids are riding the bus to their schools in the mornings. It feels weird not playing taxi driver (but I’m not complaining!). 🚌 🚙


I love finding those on the exercise trail. Makes the day just a bit brighter. 🏃‍♂️

Our PS5 arrived today and tomorrow Ghost of Tsushima director’s cut releases: “With the PS5’s controller you’ll feel resistance on the triggers when drawing your bow, the vibration of a cat purring on your arm or a dramatic jolt during a sword clash. Sounds awesome.”

Our daughter’s a high school senior and wants a laptop for school. Her gaming affinity has her in the Windows camp. She completely rejected a Chromebook so I went with a Dell Ultrabook for the lighter weight and longer battery life. It won’t arrive for a month though.

I’ve been trying to catch up with the Micro Camp sessions I missed. It’s been a bit painful because the video often stops and the only way to get past it is to reload and manually skip ahead. Is that problem?

Well, it seems Sony decided to sell me a PS5. Order placed and I’m kind of excited!🎮

I’m increasingly impressed with the battery life of our M1 MacBook Air. It has been running a network backup task for over 5 hours, on battery, and it is still at 82% capacity. 👍🏼💻

Lovely big sky this morning while running an errand.

Note: Cyrus data center on the left and Cisco data center on the right.

English Premiere League ⚽️ with fans in the stadium! What a nice Saturday morning. ManU vs Leeds.

Man, Boeing seems to be a decayed version of it’s former self. I remember the shade they kept throwing at SpaceX… Boeing to ground Starliner indefinitely until valve issue solved - Ars Technica

Our first Bunraku 10 years ago today. Now I’m thirsty!🍶

Serene flower.

But there are 2 lawn crews nearby totally spoiling the vibe.

Waking up to see some folks mighty upset 1Password is using Electron on more platforms. I am no fan of Electron but I don’t “live” in the 1Password UI, it is mainly a magical background tool for passwords and other secrets. No rebellion from me unless the UX becomes quite bad.

Oh, very nice: Things (task manager) just added markdown support. This is something I’ll use all the time.