Got our 2022 home appraisal from the tax office today 💵💵💵 👀 👀 👀

Not really a surprise of course but still… Also how did our area somehow surpass Austin for median home prices !?!

My wife had a heart scan for calcium scoring this morning. She was pretty nervous about the result and didn’t sleep well last night. She was delighted to hear “your heart is perfect, go have a nice steak for dinner.” Her actual score was 0 which is good as it gets.

My son and I started Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga today. It has a much faster pace than the prior games in the series and the co-op is worlds beyond them. The co-op player has a lot more independence while P1 pursues the story.👍🏼👍🏼

I just introduced our 13 y/o son to the amazingly useful app that is Wolfram-Alpha. Puts Google to shame not only for computational topics but has a ton of knowledge from Music to Health to Finance. I hope I don’t learn to regret this!

I’m in that singular American hell that is bouncing around amongst the doctor’s office, 2 labs and the health insurance company over bills we received for my wife’s labs - which should have cost us nothing. 😖

All the Frees

Our daughter’s high protein (and high priced) cereal.

More Covid boosters are coming but I’m doubtful about getting another (had 3 Moderna). They’re not without risk. A friend’s wife can no longer walk due to this J&J side effect. Months of medical visits haven’t helped her. Just saying it’s not a no-brainer to me.

Well, a nearly unblemished sky… ✈️

Busy day today.
✅ Trimmed 3 live oaks
✅ Sprayed the outside of the house for bugs
✅ Cleaned leaves out of gutters
✅ Installed sprinkler head guards along the curb
✅ Leveled our new outdoor griddle (which is a great purchase)

Our 13 yo son is in Kirby heaven. The new game released today and he jumped right on it when he walked in the door from school. Makes me happy to see him so happy. 😃

Kirby™ and the Forgotten Land for Nintendo Switch

Spring has arrived: weather sirens blaring, heavy rain, some hail, tornados in the area and the SkyWarn network activated. ⛈

I don’t know how people work in these large arcades. The noise is deafening!

I don’t even play this type of game but I sure hope the net gives Sony hell over this. Single player games need to be playable even if there is a server or internet failure.

Server issues lock Gran Turismo 7 owners out of single-player races - Ars Technica

I had nominal success with my previous build of a short “bookshelf” for eqiupment in my study so I built another using red oak instead of poplar to better match the other furniture. I also made it a bit taller since I now have a tool to enable longer cuts. Wood cost about $85.

Based on the news reports and video I’ve seen from the Tokyo and Yokohama areas I think all our friends avoided any suffering. But still I’m sending email tonight to check on everyone. It is a bit scary having another large quake so near the Fukushima reactors.

Finally congress (nearly) does something I agree with. If only the House approves it and Biden signs it 🤞🏼

Senate votes to make Daylight Saving Time permanent

In spite of the ongoing war, this morning crude oil prices are down to pre-invasion levels and below $100. Now to see this ripple through to gas prices soon-ish.

Another rite of passage for my 13 y/o son: I let him borrow my shaver so he could trim his mustache. I waited as long as I could but the mustache hairs were just too long to put it off any longer. Left me wondering how old I was when I first shaved.

Today I made what amounts to a small bookshelf. It is dimensioned to fit a special spot in my study and will hold equipment rather than books. I’ve never built something like this but I’m happy with how it turned out considering I only had a circular saw for the cuts.

I had an interesting discussion with my brother about Russia+Ukraine. He lived and worked in the USSR for several years in what is now Kazakhstan. The Russians held all the good jobs, the Kazakhs were limited to labor. Since their independence many new mosques have been built…

I drove my wife to the airport today for a flight to Denver to attend a family reunion. After hearing local media talking about it being a busy spring break travel weekend I have to say it absolutely isn’t at the airport. Place was very quiet and few planes in the area.

Observations on gas prices:

A few days ago my gas was $3.59/gallon. This morning it is $4.09/gallon up 50 cents in half a week.

No one seems to have slowed down to conserve gas in their cars/trucks.

Chilling in our room before dinner. Childless for the night 😉

Circles, angles and lines

A rare breakfast out with my honey