I moved a Docker container to a different Linux box and it couldn’t work. I eventually determined ffmpeg was failing with an rtsp authorization. It ran fine on the previous Linux box. After much futzing around the only difference I could find was the Linux machine it failed on used a network bridge. I deleted the bridge (easy) but the ethernet port stayed disconnected. Thirty minutes later I found how to fix that and voila ffmepg works. No idea why a bridge would break it’s rstp auth. 😖

We’re going to have extreme winter weather tomorrow.

By that I don’t mean super cold and icy. What I do mean it is supposed to be 92F here. Which is about 40F over normal.

Good grief.

A day I’ve long dreaded has arrived. When I moved from my iMac to the Mac mini I started from scratch which gave me the pleasure of not having Visual Studio Code soiling the disk of the mini. But now I need to make changes to an old project built using PlatformIO and hence I am installing VSS. Shiver 😢

Laying out on our back patio sofa and this is my view. The weather this month has been crazy warm in the 70F and even up in the 80s. Normally February is our most wintry month. Not complaining though. It is so much easier to be active in this weather.

Today’s rathole: finally dove into customizing iTerm2 (macOS) with Oh My Zsh (ohmyz.sh) and P10K aka powerline10k (github.com/romkatv/powerlevel1). Ohhhhhh the visual delights. Plus p10k adds some nice little productivity help.

Then went a step further and set them up on Linux Mint (easy but needed to manually install a font).👍🏻

“I want to be a pizza box.”

I discovered today, after moving some services to the new Linux box on Monday, that a couple of parameters in a Docker YAML file were wrong and now I am wondering how in the heck the container ever worked and how am I just now noticing this?🤷‍♂️

Well at least I can say I got a benefit from changing boxes (well in addition to speed, capacity and so on).

My Proxmox effort hit a wall today after a couple of days of smooth sailing. One of my Linux VMs fails to boot and goes into emergency mode. The file system seems OK, external disks are mounted and so on. But there is no active network interface active.

I found some log entries but they’re opaque to me. I’m hoping I’ll find some help on the Proxmox forum. It’s a bit scary getting this kind of error.

Our 19 year old daughter bought me this. Show must know and love me 😆

It’s an Ember mug which keeps coffee/tea warm. The temperature is programmable and the mug rechargable. What a cool gift.

I successfully moved my Plex & associated apps from the little BMAX to a Linux Mint VM in Proxmox. Had to learn some things along the way but it went pretty smoothly. I was surprised our Plex apps magically discovered the new server.

Of course now I am breaking the setup. I’m copying the media files from a HDD to a SDD. That’s gonna take awhile 🥱

Well, I’ve never seen a heat sink held on my zip ties… Hopefully there is some thermal paste under there (the NVME SSD).

Picture from inside my new Linux mini PC.

Wrestled through the initial Proxmox setup issues and now have two Linux Mint VMs up as well as a Windows 11 VM on standby. Tomorrow I’ll start moving services.👍🏼

Installing Proxmox on the new mini PC I got went pretty smoothly (my first time using Proxmox). But I shot myself in the foot installing the Linux Mint VM and had to start that setup over. Then I beat my head against the wall on VNC. Abandoned that work for a few hours of Gloomhaven with my son. Fresh eyes tomorrow.

Kuhl makes my favorite t-shirts. I needed to order a few more and was delighted to find they included a nice bar of dark chocolate with my order. Nom!

Today has been income tax day 👎🏻

Tomorrow will be my first time to set up Proxmox and transition workloads. Hopefully more of a 👍🏼 kind of day. But even if Proxmox set up itself goes well I’m pretty sure I will break some of the services when I move them.

I enjoy nerding out.

TIL it was possible to get the Windows OEM license key from a box running Linux:
sudo cat /sys/firmware/acpi/tables/MSDM

It seems I’m being sucked into the Proxmox rat hole. Spent some time researching installation, use cases and etc. Then concluded having a second machine to set it up on would be better (keep current services alive during transition). Which of course led me to decide I should replace my tiny & barely fast enough BMAX with a more modern fanless model and so on.

Oh what fun we’ll have. Next to find out how to create a VM from the existing Linux Mint on the BMAX.

Our 19 year old daughter’s boyfriend is taking her to a fancy restaurant for dinner tonight. He bought a tie to wear and just came to ask me to teach him how to tie a tie. It’s been so long since I wore one I was nearly in a panic. But I went in front of a mirror and fortunately muscle memory took over. Whew!

In commemoration of Valentine’s Day I decided to drink the blood of my vanquished foes.


So reading through some of the posts it seems something triggered a (another) migration from the bird site and they’re choosing Bluesky now that it is open.

I run a few docker containers on my small Linux Mint box but hear about Proxmox a lot and had wondered about adopting it. The recent publicity about VMWare killing off their free version brought it to mind again. Especially since one of my docker containers seems to require regular restarts. Rat hole or a good idea?

I joined Bluesky a couple of weeks before it went public. One positive is I found more artists and anime creators there than on my entire time poking around Mastodon. Not sure if it is just luck or if the different rules play a part. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Note: I’m not talking about NSFW art.

I built my Prusa MKS3+ from the kit so I know generally how to assemble and disassemble my factory-built MK4. The one part that is unfamiliar is the extruder.

Prusa just published no-nonsense videos showing how to build the MK4 from the kit. Would have been nice to have these when I built my MKS3+. Anyway, I just watched the video on the MK4 extruder assembly so I now know better how it works.

Here is part one of the series on YT: youtu.be/OkRODkM2JNU?si=vpKlJf

I think this angel figure looks nifty printed using Amolen’s dual color silk PLA.

I’ve been playing with some of the popular AI image generators. I’ve noticed they are SUPER biased to generating young, thin, pretty/handsome characters. It is a real prompt battle to get diverse images from them. Rather disappointing to say the least.