Completed the first nozzle change on my MK4. Very straightforward and it sure is nice handling cold parts vs “give you 3rd degree burn” parts.

Of note, the used nozzle, hotend and heater block are clean as new still. Never saw that on my MK3S+.

I set up my MK4 today which was a breeze. After a quick test print I designed a Nextruder nozzle holder as my first “real” print. I wanted a space-saving vertical orientation and I’m very happy with the way it turned out.

Looking forward to setting this up tomorrow. And eating some Haribo in the process. 😋

Pleasant surprise of the day: A notification from DHL that my Prusa MK4 will be delivered at the end of today, 2 days earlier than expected. Guess how I plan to spend my 4th of July😉

Twas a lovely sky shortly after dawn

A lot of small things had me feeling a bit down this week. I got a shipping notice for my Prusa MK4 this morning though so I’m feeling better now😉

TVs are more complicated than ever (smart == difficult) yet the manuals that come with them these days say little more than “turn it on”.

The struggle is real: MIL’s TV broke and I’m trying to get a smart TV to play dumb. I may have to drag her kicking and screaming into the smart device era.

It is interesting to me that while, apparently, social media in general is popular and continually expanding my participation continues a marked decline. Over the past couple of years I’ve dropped FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and so forth and most recently Reddit (pre-API fiasco). They all turned into time sinks with no decent return. Don’t miss them at all and I have more time for healthy activities. Sticking with Mastodon though.

That didn’t take long! Very cool.

I love this sunrise

Welp, the heat index for today hit 117Fº. But yeah we’re still gonna cook dinner on the outdoor grill 😜

It is weather you can wear season here. Temperature 80F+ first thing in the morning and humidity 90%+ so naturally came home soggy after working out. I think I’ll feel dryer in the shower. So thankful for air con.

Based on the shipping table from Prusa, my MK4 *might* ship next week. 🤞🏻 I’m excited! I already have a couple of different nozzle sizes on hand.

I assembled my MK3S+ from the kit which was a great learning experience and has helped me maintain my printer. But I think one of those learning experiences was enough so fully assembled this time.

We were on a leisurely hike in southern Missouri enjoying only bird song breaking the silence. Just as we started discussing whether to continue on or turn back to the car a large explosion suddently reverberated through the forest. 💥

Yep, time to head back to the car. Passed a few people who also heard it and no one had an idea what it actually was. We never heard sirens so presumably a planned activity.

20 years of marriage. That’s a win. 🎊

It lasted until 2 minutes remaining 😢 Thankfully it is a functional print and I think the slight loss of height will be OK so I canceled the print at that point. I don’t think holding the printer at temp for a couple hours made any sense.

Oh oh 😬 Looks like the filament remaining estimate was wrong. The print has 30 minutes left to go and I don’t think this is gonna cut it. I already ordered more and it is supposed to be delivered within 2 hours. Now I’m wondering if the printer will wait that long before giving up?

Frustrating day. When the guy showed up to replace the window broken by the hail he promptly informed me he had broken the new window when he ran over a curb. Now they have to order a new one and start over. 😖

Gruber’s review confirms it is an exciting device especially since it is at version 0.1.

Daring Fireball: First Impressions of Vision Pro and VisionOS

I discovered today I need to 3D print a part using ASA. Reading up on ASA filament, apparently my print is doomed to failure and I’ll die from fumes.🤷🏻‍♂️

It is a small object so I expect to get it to work 🤞🏻

Created a bespoke tool storage for my 3D printer stuff. Really liking the Prusament Galaxy black.

I was a bit excited to see password sharing as a feature in iOS 17 but on the website it says you can create “a group” to share with. Anyone know if it is possible to actually have multiple groups with different passwords being shared? I would sure hope/think so.

The Vision Pro is groundbreaking. Congrats to Apple’s team for the amazing degree of innovation. The fact it isn’t “for everyone” doesn’t detract from what has been accomplished or the huge impact it will have on the future of the industry. I can imagine so many use cases Apple didn’t even mention.

But the big news for me was Snoopy on my watch!

I wonder if hobby folks name their 3D printers and if so what?

Reddit the company is just getting slimier. The Apollo app is soooo much better than Reddit’s so of course they’re trying to kill it off a la Twitter.

Reddit app developer says the site’s new API rules will cost him $20 million a year | Engadget