A window I’m not going to see for quite some time

Airport shuttle tram


Always find it a bit odd that such colorful butterflies have so many black-and-white spots on their head and wings.

Things going on around you can really cloud your view.

We love daytripping and road trips in general. How about some colorful horses from one of our most recent ones. Which sadly isn’t very recent.


Our district published data on parent selection of in-person versus at-home instruction. Overall it is almost exactly 50-50 but there is a swing of 21ppt low to high amongst elementary schools (42% - 63% at-home swing). If they ever get to start in-person it will be less crowded.

Highway bisecting the view ahead, Arizona


Rain flow down the exercise trail


Peace lily

If you look closely you can see that peace is flawed. #mbaug

Photo bombed by a bug


Delicate clouds floating on a pale blue sky


That time we looked up from our front yard and saw this


Parenting milestone achieved: gave our daughter her first driving lesson

Benefit of Covid: movie theater is closed providing a very large empty parking lot for practice πŸš™

I told my brother back in February Trump would try any and every thing to stay in office. He scoffed… There will be more of this before and, if he loses, after the election. There’s no reason gov’t can’t run an open, fair election on schedule.

Election Shenanigans

At 4:25pm today I ordered the aforementioned headphones for my wife. At 7:05pm Amazon delivered them. Wow.

We weren’t in a hurry and didn’t ask for any special delivery.

Realized today that since the kids will be home and doing school all day, at least to start, we needed to be mindful of distractions. So I ordered some wireless over-ear headphones for my wife. She can’t stand earbuds.

Big sky

Also, tiny bunny bottom right

When we decided to get a gaming PC at our daughter’s request we felt it was quite a splurge even though the iMac is 7 years old.

A couple of days ago it dawned on me that with both kids forced to virtual school all day they’d each need their own PC. The iMac lives on!

First time I went to get coffee for take out at noon today. Greeted by the usual “face mask required” signs. Inside there were probably ~10 people seated talking and working. No one wore a mask (eating/drinking clause). Kinda creeped me out. Then one of them sneezed. Run away!!!

My teenage daughter and I built a gaming/streaming PC - a first for both of us. We had some nice bonding doing it as a father/daughter project.

It further reminds me how much Apple loses out only having “Pro” as a higher end notion. Gamers is a demographic they should go for.

Our daughter starts the classroom portion of driver’s education today πŸš™

The stressful part, actual driving, has to wait until the fall when the license office condescended to grant us an appointment.

Our 11 year old son has been playing Paper Mario ever since he got up. He is thrilled with the game.

This guy knows about dealing with recession. Congress should listen.

Ben Bernanke: Give States Billions, and You Help the Entire Country - The New York Times > was the chairman of the Federal Reserve during the global financial crisis and the subsequent Great Recession

Looks like a gaming PC is in our future. I’m starting to delve into all the options and thinking whether to build one or buy a pre-built model. It’s hard to know what will be “good enough” for the CPU and GPU.

I’ve started taking courses from FEMA (US agency for emergency and disaster management) as part of being an ARES volunteer. I completed the first course and passed. Three more to go. Then the ARRL training begins. I’m hoping to finish in ~2 months.

Early morning wisps