We haven’t even been home a week yet and we’re planning another road trip for this summer 😛

My mother-in-law wanted to update her 4 year old iPad. I was surprised how much Apple gave for a trade-in. We sprang for courier delivery so she can get it tomorrow. It’s the little things.

This Girlfriend review of the game Days Gone is one of the funniest reviews I’ve ever watched.

Arrived home after 2 weeks on the road. 5 states, 6 hotels, 8 museums and a great family time together. Every place felt comfortable except an aquarium that was crowded in spite of stating admission was time-based and limited. Glad to be home but ready to go again any time🚙

University mascot with attitude.

Also, a number of protests against China’s suppression of Tiananmen square discussion written in chalk.

Yesterday was completely overcast but today’s hotel room view is a bit better

In our travels the past 1 week+ we’re hearing complaints about hiring. The gist is “plenty of people apply and we schedule them for interviews but they don’t even show up for the interview”. It’s easy to see nearly every place is shorthanded.

Two for one at the hotel, made with a local bourbon

Contrails in the morning

First time seeing/eating Thai Rolled Ice Cream. Good stuff!

Good morning from today’s hotel ☀️

We’ve been all kinds of places on our trip. Fast food to fancy restaurants. Convenience stores to Department stores. Museums to game stores. Through it all we’ve felt much more comfortable re:Covid than I expected. We’re having a blast!

At the history museums we visited yesterday the signs said masks were required and everyone wore one. Today we went to a science museum which only suggested masks - and almost no one wore a mask. Irony. 🤷‍♂️

Very cool ceiling

Me after last night’s dinner

Gotta have something to do while waiting for our dinner, right? 😉

It is an absolutely beautiful day today! I like the mix of cool old school buildings with modern ones.

Wrapping up our roadtrip plans: 4 states, 6 different hotels. The uneven Covid impact on hospitality is quite apparent with some hotels priced $50-$100 above their norm and others priced as much as $100 below. Hotel amenity status varies widely too. Adventure awaits. 😀

Teenagers rating other teens in apps is a thing. I’d rather have an app that rated our daughter’s potential boyfriends. 😹

It’s funny how we/parents form immediate impressions of them.

Quite happy with my new 4K HDR AppleTV. The new remote allows me to achieve unity of control with the 14 year old TV and soundbar in my study. One to rule them all. Goodbye Harmony remote and good riddance.

Our son’s cohort after their 6th grade graduation walk. Their ‘one word’ for the year: resilience.

Our son graduated elementary school today (6th grade) and in lieu of an indoor event the school organized a drive thru parade with a GLOW theme. So we started attaching glowy balloons, glow sticks etc to my car. No final picture but here’s an in-progress shot.

Oh hey, just got a shipping notice: my new model AppleTV 4K will be delivered tomorrow. Can’t wait to try out the new remote. 👍🏼

It is so great to see and hear fans at Premier League games! And the players are really responding!⚽️

NB I need to clean my screen

These kushi oysters were so damn good!

First time eating in at our favorite sushi place in over a year. We all loved it.