Ruffles have ridges.

So does the sky.

Morning rays - lovely.

It was 100F yesterday. Today a “cold” front is coming through and it will be nearly 20 degrees cooler.

Out 12 year old wants to program some robots in Python. So I splurged on the Lego Mindstorms Robot Inventor kit. A bit pricey but if it works well then it is a decent value. There is a lot it should be able to do.

I usually ignore iOS betas since features sometimes disappear along the way leaving me confused when it actually releases. Virtually none of the new features at the top of the list interest me. My interests are in the bottom half.

This morning’s agenda: EPL ⚽️ followed by NCAA 🏈

The Dell ultrabook we ordered for our 17 y/o daughter arrived today and I set it up. Part of the reason we bought Dell is it has relatively little bloatware pre-installed. But a McAfee web “tool” that snoops everything you browse took 30 minutes to track down and remove. 💻

Well Apple put on a high quality event again today. Pretty fast moving. But nothing influences me much. An always-on watch is still what I hope to buy next.

With the increase in Apple Watch size I wonder if I can go with a smaller one next time? Even the current one seems a bit big on my wrist.

When the iPhone 12 came out, we didn’t plan to upgrade from our 2 year old iPhones. But AT&T offered a great deal. We’ve been happy with the iPhone 12 so I don’t think we’ll upgrade this year. I am keenly interested in an always-on watch. Either a S6 on sale or this year’s model

The summer has been cooler than normal so our Thai chili peppers are coming late in the season. But they’re producing in quantity now with lots more to come. We’re grateful because we use these a lot!🌶

9/11 is the most memorable day of my life that didn’t involve an immediate family member. The world, not just the US, changed for the worse. I’m thankful to those whose ongoing vigilance helps keep us safe®. Lest evil prevail. 🇺🇸

I watched Sony’s Playstation showcase this afternoon. There’s some cool stuff coming but a number of games had no release date. And there’s the new Spider-Man coming… in 2023. 🎮🤷🏽‍♂️

The weather is lovely this morning with low humidity. I spent an hour on the back patio this morning updating my playlists with Apple’s spatial audio music. Feeling very productive. 😉 🎶

Cool looking clouds this morning. I believe they’re mammatus.

Lotta hot air in the neighborhood this morning.

Exercising at dawn

It arrived and it is a beauty! @burk

The start of something good: my wife is making my mom’s recipe for oatmeal raisin cookies. They’re the family favorite! 🍪

TFW you hear your son on a FaceTime call helping the principal’s son with homework 😄

I’m contemplating purchase of a modest table saw. I’ve “made do”, poorly, but have a new custom shelf project in mind. If I don’t get a table saw there’s pretty much no way it will turn out decent. Good ones are heavy so portability will be factor. 🪵

I got a cappuccino from a new indie coffee shop today. They use beans I’ve not had before - from a Houston roaster called Luce. They also serve boba and gelato. Here’s hoping they do well in spite of Covid. ☕️

N.B. all cappuccinos are too small 😁

Our daughter’s first job has worked out great. She likes the work and the people, has made some money, and most importantly is learning important lessons about the benefits and rewards of working.

I didn’t get the virtual sticker until I asked Manton about it. I haven’t gotten a sticker in the mail yet though. I did register and attend live. @Burk ?

I’m glad Apple will have an app tailored to classical music but hope it doesn’t cost extra

Apple Acquires Classical Streaming Service Primephonic - Billboard

Watching my first college 🏈 game of the year: Nebraska at Illinois. Fox is broadcasting it in 4K HDR and it looks sweet!