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As of yesterday we’ve now replaced all of our kitchen appliances (13+ years old). We didn’t realize it when we selected the new wall oven but it has WiFi and an app. I wouldn’t have paid for that feature but I have to admit it is at least a little useful.

What makes a good Old Fashioned great? When it costs $3.

Cheapest I’ve ever had by far for a full-sized, full-strength version.

Hi @Manton. Day One just came out with direct Instagram import. Has something changed that would allow to do this? Or are they doing black magic?

You can’t beat a Science Museum that occupies a 10 year old for a full day - plus has amazing climbing towers like these.

Per the Guiness Book of World Records certificate, this guy’s head is the largest fossil ever found. Who says everything’s bigger in Texas? 🦕 📷

Hello sauroposeidon

OK all you brave Beta installers. Please investigate and report back.😎

Apple finally brings mouse support to iPad with iPadOS

I’m in love with these additional privacy protections in iOS 13.

Forecast for tomorrow:

Morning optimism on the heels of the WWDC keynote followed by frequent storm clouds in the afternoon as the glass-half-empty crowd find plenty of ammo for potential doom.

We’re watching this morning’s 4 hour spelling bee on our DVR. I think we’ll have to wait until tomorrow night to see the final. This is pretty much my wife’s favorite event (though none of us are spellers). 🧠 🐝

Storms are moving through. Our house has a window seat that’s about 7 feet long with a comfy cushion. It’s a favorite spot to watch the world go by or sneak a nap.

Tonight’s learning: Explaining rotary dial phones to our 10 year old son

Played the Carcassone board game with my 10 year old son for the first time today. It’s a good game for us - works ok for 2 players and doesn’t take too long to complete.

My daughter and I did our first shift of volunteer work at the food bank. It was a good experience and she is looking forward to returning. This food bank is like a small grocery store and people are allowed to select their own food rather than receive a pre-boxed selection.

Normally I ignore new consoles because the lack of backward compatibility makes them quite limited from a value standpoint. Looks like the PS5 will be an exception. > confirming yet again that the PS5 will have backwards compatibility Sony on PS5

A little fun at the local arcade after school yesterday. We decided to give the kids a treat since our son finished his standardized tests this week and our daughter has her finals next week. Air hockey is always a favorite.

For @pgor: In TV bottom right on my iPad has a magnifying glass with Search next to it

Dappled 📷 🌳

Reflections on a muddy puddle.

Proud of our 15 year old daughter for signing up as a volunteer at the food pantry. She starting the day after school ends.

Saw another armadillo by the exercise trail today. I guess they’ve taken up residence. 📷

Family dinner at our favorite Japanese restaurant in celebration of Mother’s Day. Simple elegant type decor.

It started raining about 5am accompanied by quite a bit of thunder and lightning. Nothing really threatening so it was an enjoyable storm. Only able to take a short stroll outside and met this little fellow. 📷 🐿

You’ll Never Walk Alone - Liverpool ⚽️ 🥅 What a game!

After a week of cloudy, rainy days a bit of blue sky on the trail this morning. But still mostly cloudy. 📷 ☁️ ☀️

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