I wonder if hobby folks name their 3D printers and if so what?

Reddit the company is just getting slimier. The Apollo app is soooo much better than Reddit’s so of course they’re trying to kill it off a la Twitter.

Reddit app developer says the site’s new API rules will cost him $20 million a year | Engadget engadget.com/reddit-app-develo engadget.com/reddit-app-develo

I’ve started printing some figures on my Prusa MK3S+. Some come in multiple parts and I’m wondering how folks manage to glue them together. They’re small and awkward and can’t really be clamped or held in place for glue to set as far as I can figure out.

Made some changes to my Prusa MK3S+ and needed a test print. Went with the heavy metal Groot using Amolen wood filament. 👍🏼

I’ve long wanted a good place to keep my calipers and ruler on my desk. My nascent CAD skills finally reached the point I could take a cut at designing a desktop holder. A place to store those as well as a couple of reference rules.


Feeling powerful 😉 I was able to fix the arrow key on my son’s MacBook Air with $12 in parts. The repair shop doesn’t fix keys so it would have been a $400 keyboard replacement. 😅

The right ➡️ arrow key on our son’s MBA came lose and doesn’t work. I checked and the little dome under it does register the movement so I ordered the new keycap and spring thingy. Here’s hoping that fixes it. Else a new keyboard would be required which is over $400.

Welp, the insurance company is going to total our daughter’s car. Time to try to learn the ramifications for value and insurability.

As a complete CAD noob I managed to design a case for my clock (based on a feather board and TFT). It was a challenge and took quite some time even though a simple concept. But it did force me to learn to do some things so that’s a win. I even published the design on Printables https://www.printables.com/model/487143-cl. Now I need a nap🤣

🎮 Zelda Totk

Not a good evening. We got hit by golf ball sized hail which took out one of our front windows. Blew glass throughout the room. It also shattered the back window on our daughter’s car and of course dented the body. Already called a roofer and started our insurance claims. At least it wasn’t a tornado.🤷🏻‍♂️

😴 Quick nap on the back porch

I am going to hate this. I trialed DirecTV stream and the main reason I canceled was the “pause” ads. If I pause a show it is because I need to do something. Having some extremely annoying ad screaming for attention while paused is a horrible experience. I wonder if any service still lacks this annoyance.

YouTube is bringing 30-second unskippable ads to its TV apps engadget.com/youtube-is-bringi engadget.com/youtube-is-bringi

🍷 Rain terminated our planned MD cookout. Inside is 2nd best but 👌🏻

It’s finally here. D-day, aka Z-day, aka The-day i.e. Zelda Tears of the Kingdom release day. I won’t be playing until my son gets home from school. It will be a blast sharing the opening with him (it’s not his type of game to play but he likes watching).

🍵 First cup of coffee ineffective. Sitting motionless on the sofa.

Since I ordered a Prusa MK4 printer a few weeks ago and don’t want it to be completely out of pocket I decided to sell a little-used bit of amateur radio gear. My wife was shocked at how much I got - these radio really hold their value. Now I need to find a couple of other things to “monetize” to get closer to the MK4 cost.

💞 Picking up my wife from the airport. Sure missed her!

I’ve had my Prusa MK3S+ for 3 months and done over 13 days of print time. Just now got around to printing the ubiquitous Benchy. It was a good test of the Prusament Opal Green.

😁 Ahh, the sweet smell of fresh hot PLA in the morning

I received a set of Prusament PLA today. I was really fond of the Lipstick Red when I first got one of those earlier this year. But the Royal Blue has my eye now. It is a thing of beauty!

🍷 TIL red wine tastes surprisingly with my wife’s chicken salad

🥀 Ahhh the sweet smell of honeysuckle

🍽️ Eating a Tex Amex platter for dinner. I predict my body will lecture me later…

🛫 Getting ready to drive my wife to the airport. Gonna miss her!