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We watched the first episode on a pride of lions. Outstanding stuff. If you like wildlife you might want to watch Dynasties - BBC America. The lion episode can be streamed for free. 🦁 📺

My thought as well

the financial crisis of journalism and dominance of big tech platforms are important; academics and European lawmakers conflate them together, suggesting there’s an easy fix in making technology fund journalism No, tech companies shouldn’t fund journalism

My wife and I painted our daughter’s room today. First time to paint a whole room. We’re both quite sore from the ladder climbing and reaching over our heads (the room has 12’ ceilings). Feeling quite accomplished as no cursing occurred and no mishaps. ✔️

This is encouraging (article may be paywalled).

the emerging medium of choice to reach audiences is the only guaranteed-delivery option the internet has left: email.

The Hot New Channel for Reaching Real People: Email - WSJ

✖️ marks the spot 📷

The Netflix price problem - maybe our time together is over

I’ve been mulling over the Netflix price increase. In terms of our budget it isn’t meaningful but I find myself displeased. I think the money is used to pay for expensive original content which happens to not appeal to us - we just don’t watch it. At one point in time they had what I considered to be the most user friendly UI amongst streaming services on top of diverse content. But they’ve made it less user-friendly and more “watch what we tell you to watch”. And on our AppleTV if we try to browse through shows it immediately plays previews and there is no way to disable that. It is really annoying trying to look at a descriptions and all the sudden this loud preview plays. Often our watch list is buried below lists of “what’s hot” and etc (I have no idea why this moves around).

At one point multiple streams had us on their top-priced plan and I had forgotten that. Today I downgraded our plan to the middle one. For the first time I can see us living without Netflix. Since it was our first streaming service it’s a bit sad.

A lone winter dandelion. 📷

I’m wondering if it will survive to completion - going to be in the mid-20s Sunday morning.

It was this kind of day. ⛅️ 📷

Sometimes our dog likes to lay down right up against the back leg of my desk chair. Mostly I’m aware she’s there and avoid her but sometimes I don’t notice and back up the chair into her. Even after all these years she still takes the risk… 🐕 📷

And with this the Girl Scout cookie season begins.

Feed me these and I’ll tag along anywhere

From a couple of days ago - an interesting reminder, for me, of the history.

Before the internet was consolidated into centralized information silos, RSS imagined a better way to let users control their online personas.

The Rise and Demise of RSS

Even when I’m not wearing them our dog likes to curl up with my shoes. 🐕 📷

This is another example of an overhyped prediction. The researchers who predicted a huge impact of the gig economy retracted it this week.

Messrs. Krueger and Katz now explain how the thesis itself was flawed, in a working paper to be released this week.


Midwinter’s blessing: fantastic weather for outdoor exercise. 📷 ☀️

The kids are back in school today making this the first “normal” week day of the new year for me. Grabbing a treat while getting my mind on track. ☕️ 📷

Tonight’s college football championship game is intense. I’m going to be sad, as usual, that the season is ending. 🏈

My Micro Monday is @eddiehinkle . A steady stream of interesting posts, a community supporter, and a podcaster.

The “scientists” saying screen time is inherently dangerous are just seeking headlines.

there is “essentially no evidence” to support the idea that screen time is directly toxic to health Stop scaremongering about kids spending time on their phones

I’m old fashioned. 🥃

After days of nothing but rain and near freezing temperatures we have a lovely and warm severe clear day. Happy to get outside. 📷

We were young, once.

Picture of one of my early dev teams. Found in a stack of my comp sci books.

Family is feeling primitive this afternoon. The Internet at home went out so no streaming, no online games, etc. 🏕 It is a very rare event for us.

Giving and caring are good for the soul and returns to you many times over, I think.

This is one of the blessings of parenthood: every day is an opportunity. 🙏🏻 😇

Also, sadly some parents choose a different path. 👺

My first surprise of the new year: our 10 year old knows what dubstep is.

Note: he’s a big fan of dubstep.

A little pre-New Years adult beverage 🎉 while watching a bowl game 🏈

An IndieWeb Webring 🕸💍