I installed one of these smart locks on the front door today after dinner. It was a smooth process and the family has been trained. I like that it is basically invisible 😄 Level - Level Bolt - The Invisible Smart Lock.

I’m planning to put a keypad or smart lock on our front door soon. Let me know if you have a favorite that fits a standard US front door. There seems to be a lot of mixed reviews on every brand I’ve checked. Reliability is more important than Homekit.

This news prompted a great discussion w/my 12 y/o about the impact of science’s understanding of things and how it changes over time

Charm Meson Particle changes our reality

the ability to switch states between matter and antimatter (and back again)

One of our 17 y/o daughter’s friends got his drivers license yesterday and he invited her to hang out today. They spent 7 hours driving around hitting stores, fast food and making a stop at Bucees. I can remember getting out to drive on my own the first time. What a thrill! 🛻

This is discouraging. To be clear the vaccinated people weren’t in general feeling ill, they were instead being silent spreaders to the unvaccinated.

This 900-person delta cluster in Mass. has CDC freaked out—74% are vaccinated


In our county Covid hospitalizations have quadrupled since the beginning of July. I could hope this might positively influence anti-vaccine behavior. But it would be a fruitless hope.

I dropped my iMac off for repair on Friday afternoon and it was ready for pick up early this morning. The independent repair shop Apple recommended seemed quite competent and they certainly worked fast. Happy to have it back. 🖥

Lovely sky this morning

The shirts the Singapore 🇸🇬 table tennis 🏓 team is wearing is my fave. Love the big golden lion face.

Congratulations Facebook 🤬
People are more anti-vaccine if they get their covid news from Facebook than from Fox News, data shows

Passages: Today I took our daughter, who is a high school senior, to get her college ID. She is taking a dual credit class. Also today I drove her to her first day of work at her first job. She’s been texting various questions about the new employee paperwork. 👍🏼

Today’s samplers 🍷

TIL: I can get motion sickness watching our 12 y/o play a PS4 game. I’ve watched him many hours before but today 🤢 He can slew the camera around so freaking fast! 🎮

My 9 month old 27” iMac had to go to the shop today. The fan was always on high and it failed Apple’s Diagnostic test. I was pleased to hear Apple could recommend an independent shop for the repair. I was not looking forward to carrying the thing through the mall. 🖥

I went outside to do what I thought was fairly moderate yard work. After 30 minutes I was toasted and couldn’t imagine why. Then I checked our weather station which is reporting a heat index of 105F and it’s only noon. Holy mother of Hades! Back to the life-giving AC☀️

I’m watching the pre-launch coverage of Blue Origin/Bezos. It really strikes me how small the rocket is compared to what I’m used to seeing.

Starting the morning on the back patio listening to a gentle rain. The plants are singing. 🌺 🌶 🍅

…and so it continued.

Missing is the vinegared jack mackerel, something we’d never had before. It was outstanding! And no it has no vinegar taste.

And so it begins

Got the 2 AirTags I ordered as an experiment. One is stashed in my wife’s car which doesn’t have it’s own location service and the other is zip-tied in our 12 y/o son’s new backpack. The best thing would be to implant one in our teenage daughter but apparently that’s illegal 😉


A local Dunkin Donuts remodeled and is quite modern now in decor and with wireless charging built into some tables

If Apple was really clever I could track my AirTags shipment using Find My…

Well, rather surprisingly to me I was able to pre-order one of the new Nintendo OLED Switch models as soon as pre-orders opened up. I wasn’t even certain I wanted one. 😆

I’m sure the kids will like it for un-docked use. Not sure if I’ll sell the old one or keep it.