Each morning when I drop my daughter off at the high school I pass the vaccination area set up in the stadium parking lot. I find comfort in the fact it always looks to be running smoothly and that the rate is ramping up. Green shoots.

My new-ish iMac randomly loses all Bluetooth connections for a minute or more. Finally contacted Apple and they said to re-install the OS. I’m doubtful that’s gonna help. I think it is a HW issue. If so getting service will be problem due to Covid (Apple stores here are closed).

Keep seeing articles talking about how “people should use Covid time to add new skills”

How about this then: I added the skill of taking a 30 minute nap after lunch and I practice almost every day

Me, this morning: “I’m going to eat light tonight to help me lose a couple of pounds”

Wife, tonight: “I made a couple of new recipes and I think they turned out really well”

🤷‍♂️ 🍽

We are presently enveloped in the loving arms of sushi, sashimi, ramen, miso and sake. So warm and cozy 😉

Spending the morning in a virtual class from the weather service for SKYWARN certification. 11 months ago SKYWARN training was the last large (100+) in-person event I attended before things started locking down.

I make this cocktail at home regularly but couldn’t resist getting a pre-made one with tonight’s takeout dinner. First time getting a cocktail to go. A nice change as they use a different mix.🥃


In a long overdue move I finally deleted the Instagram app. I haven’t posted in several years but kept it to follow a few people. But it has been apparent for some time I get no benefit and felt dirty every time I opened it (due to Facebook’s 💩).

One day after the Moderna Covid vaccine - slight soreness in my warm and … that’s it! Basically a non-event for me.

After what the asshole fomented in DC today I need a drink. Or two. Or three. 🥃🥃🥃 What he has done has weakened this country more than any president or enemy.

In today’s news I got my first shot of the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine today. The city has things well organized and it was quick and easy. Now to wait ~4 weeks and (hopefully) get the second shot.

Our small-ish city is now using Eventbrite to schedule Covid vaccinations via the Fire Department (for those in priority groups). Based on the email the available slots filled up very quickly. Folks were reading their email this morning. 📧

Mellowing out with some Zin on our NYE 🍷

The four of us have played 3 games of the standard Catan and one with the Seafarer’s add-on. Each person has won 1 game which is rather remarkable. This is definitely been our go-to board game since the holiday break started.

We managed to successfully repaint walls in my wife’s she-cave so we feel all productive 💪. Now we’re sitting here with our stomaches growling as we try to wait until dinner time to go get some tavern cut pizzas (take out). 🍕

I’m so very grateful and blessed. In spite of Covid and etc we’ve had a lovely time together this holiday break.Much 💗here.

TFW Apple’s Fitness+ HIIT workout doesn’t register any of your time as exercise 😖

We called my nephew today to wish them Merry Christmas. I could tell something was wrong. Turns out he was in the ER til midnight and diagnosed with pneumonia after coughing up blood. Worst thing is they saw a spot - he has to wait 3 months for another scan to see if it grew😭

My wife gave me Airpods Pro for Christmas 🎁. Initial impression is: WOW, what a difference compared to my old Airpods and Powerbeats.

It’s great Apple included the test feature. I would have ended up using the wrong size without that.

Merry Christmas!

Christ in the manger, made by our daughter when she was in preschool 🎁 🎄

Merry Christmas to all in the micro.blog community! Here’s to all of us persevering through 2020 and into the start of 2021. What we do collectively makes a difference.

This is the only time of year my list of tasks in Things is empty by the afternoon. That sounds good but… end up being lazy on the sofa.

My wife and I played Catan with our son and daughter. It somehow turned into a 2.5 hour duel. The great thing is nearly the whole time was laughter. Well, with a few minutes of someone yelling in angst at another player’s move.

Wispy sky