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Maybe it is time for folks to trash their Asus routers. If I had one it would be gone gone gone.

High-severity vulnerabilities affect a wide range of Asus router models | Ars Technica arstechnica.com/security/2024/ arstechnica.com/security/2024/

About damn time ➡️ You Can Select a Preferred Home Hub in iOS 18 - MacRumors macrumors.com/2024/06/14/ios-1

Just discovered my old Apple Pencil isn’t compatible with my new iPad Air. I’m not an artist but I do use the pencil for some financial analysis so with a bit of a stretch I’m saying a new one is cost justified 🤷‍♂️

I like the fosstodon instance quite a bit. But I sometimes wish there was a way to see only the “technical” posts from instance members. Searching for the hash tag works fairly well but not everyone uses it and not every technical post is about Linux.

We got in 4 hours of hiking today. Not at lot for some people but we rarely get a chance to hike. Inadvertently we did the most strenously terrain in the last 45 minutes. Sure made us grateful to get back to the car and some AC! 🥾

Being a couch potato today ahead of tomorrow’s road trip and a week of hiking. 🛋️

Got out this morning for 30 minutes of exercise in 90ºF/70% RH weather followed by an hour of light outdoor chores. I’m finally cooling off and drying off and my body is strongly encouraging me to nap. Must. Resist. 🥱

ma ma ma my mamatus… ☁️

Another day of heavy rain storms. Today’s peaked at a rate of 4” per hour and the storms just keep on rolling through. ⛈️⚡️

Hamburger tacos in process. 😋😋

An update from my search engine of choice:

What's next for Kagi? | Kagi Blog blog.kagi.com/what-is-next-for

My wife and I got our 13” iPad Airs last night. The screen is so much sharper and brighter than the 6 year old 12.9” Pros we are trading in. Reading text is markedly easier. Didn’t really expect much screen difference but I guess the old ones had age degradation.

The sky above me. Quite a pleasant evening out back.

The 13” iPad Airs seem just what we would hope for so we went with blue and purple. Only disappointment is the new keyboard only works with the iPad Pro but for the price difference I am more than content with the older keyboard.

My wife and I are heavy users of our 6 year old 12.9” iPad Pros. I’m interested to see today what the rumored 12.9” Air will offer at what price. And also what the trade-in offer will be. I’m pretty sure the new iPad Pro will be excessively costly for our needs.

I saw so many people hyping this thing up before even trying it. I guess now they’ll sell it as an NFT.

Rabbit R1 review: A $199 AI toy that fails at almost everything engadget.com/rabbit-r1-review- engadget.com/rabbit-r1-review-

If the rumors are true that Apple’s new iPad magic keyboard has a metal/aluminum outer surface I’ll be delighted. The current model’s surface annoys me, wears poorly and isn’t a good place for stickers (IMO of course).

I wish someone would make a game that is as funny as this video. Could this be the one?

Funko Fusion:

When Apple forced a password reset over the weekend the process was smooth across my devices. However HomeKit on my AppleWatch stopped working - all devices unavailable. I tried rebooting the watch and my iPhone to no avail. Then I erased and re-paired the Watch also to no avail.

After sleeping on it I thought to reboot the HomeKit hub and voila the watch worked right away.

What I learned from this? I rely a LOT on controlling things using my watch. I would not willingly give that up. ⌚️

My wife and I ate, and drank, at a bar at a fancy restaurant tonight and we are still giddy over the experience, giggling like kids.🤭

Well dayum this isn’t good. We were chilling watching 24-in-24 on YouTubeTV when the AppleTV popped up a “you’ve been logged out” message in the middle of the screen. This was followed by some chaos geting a personal device authenticated and with a new password. Most time-consuming was having to redo all app-specific passwords. I haven't seen this mentioned on my general feeds but others are reporting it on the MacRumors forum.

I hope no damage was done!🤞🏻🤞🏻

I think my dabbling with Blue Sky is at an end. Too much crap gets on my timeline there and the site/app lacks the self moderation ability that helps make Mastodon so great. I’m still glad I checked it out personally.

I keep my filaments stored in vacuum sealed plastic bags. It is kind of a pain to deal with: a nuisance to open and reseal and storing them is far from neat or efficient.

I’m wondering if it is really worth the trouble except for a couple of really absorptive types. I often see photos where people store them in the open.

I’ve been wanting to try the fuzzy option in PrusaSlicer and finally remembered and had a model to try it on. The left object is without and the one on the right is with the fuzzy option enabled. Both are printed with the same Amolen Silk PLA gradient filament. The color variation is random.

I really like the fuzzy version: both its appearance and the way it feels in the hand. And it hides seams well.