I keep getting tempted to buy a mechanical keyboard for my Mac. But as soon as I start researching I get lost by the range of options. The only thing I know for sure is I don’t want full size. Basically decision paralysis.

Content warning: Microsoft/Activision merger

I’ve been hoping they would block this deal. As a consumer it seems obvious too much power would be in one place if this deal goes through.

Report: FTC “likely” to file suit to block Microsoft/Activision merger

I’ve suddenly gotten less interested in Steam Deck. Apparently it doesn’t have true multi-user support, like a PlayStation, so if I was sharing it with the kids we couldn’t in general safely have our own save files. I guess this is similar to a Nintendo Switch in that regards but it’s built on Linux so I’d hoped for something better.

Really liked the clouds this morning only slightly marred by road construction.

I am tempted to get a Ender-3 S1 Pro 3D Printer which is currently on sale for a hefty discount. But I question if I have the patience, or any real need, for a 3D printer. Also not too keen on plastic-y things. I usually make pathetic attempts at wood-based construction.


😮‍💨 Relieved - finally fixed the iCloud drive sync issue

Trying to build a Mastodon filter to prevent World Cup spoilers. It's a bit tricky because so far the posts don't have a consistent word/emoji to filter on.

Well that iCloud sync solution didn't fix things after all. It's hung with nearly 6,000 files to go of 4GB. It's hung on something but there doesn't seem to be a way to find out what. Trying a few wild guesses then I guess it will be a nuclear option.

Syncing from my iMac using iCloud has been hung the past few days. Finally researched and found a solution on Apple’s developer site. The sync has started again but there’s a backlog 25GB to be sent. May be a good time to workout.🏋️

🌛 Watching Artemis I fly by the moon [live stream](https://www.space.com/nasa-artemis-1-orion-close-flyby-moon).

🌛 Watching Artemis I fly by the moon live stream.

✨ Playing with Github pages

I put far more effort into picking the right font for an embedded device display than was warranted. Finally settled on BarlowCondensed-Light: fonts.google.com/specimen/Barl

I really wish Apple Homekit scenes could change the focus mode on my iPhone automatically. In particular when I trigger “Good night” I want my iPhone in Sleep focus.

Content warning: US politics and the bird (site)

I wish folks would simply ignore everything Trump says now that he has his megaphone back. Let him scream at his followers but don’t amplify him by trying to counter argue because that plays into his hands. Instead focus on boosting those who are trying to do right.

Of course it is just my wish. Best wishes to all.

I’d like a simple blog system that could automatically add my toots.

Sadly I’ve started hearing from people who post public info to Twitter saying if Twitter fails they will move… to Facebook 😠 Lessons not learned. At least I could get their Twitter posts via RSS but not so on FB.

I’ve never felt freer to follow new people and favorite posts as I have on Mastodon.:mastodon:

👀 Converting one of my Pi4 to the 64bit OS.

Thanks to SMG at the Linux Mint forum I now have this workaround which prevents the trackpad from always being borked after sleeping the Asus laptop:

Nov 14, 2022, 20:49

Today I got Winlink froms working with VARA HF on Linux Mint via the pat software. I'm now all set for mobile emergency comms with this cheap laptop.

Nov 14, 2022, 20:42

I've been using ProtonVPN (from the ProtonMail folks) for years but the past few months it takes forever to connect on iPadOS. I'd appreciate non-spammy suggestions for an alternative with good throughput. I don't need the highest level of privacy. Linux support a plus

Nov 14, 2022, 15:19

My Asus laptop is all set up with with a bunch apps. Everything is golden except the touchpad doesn’t work after a suspend. Research in progress.

Nov 14, 2022, 01:44

I’ve been on mastodon 4 years. At first it felt “meh” but I dove in again a couple months ago and, especially after moving to fosstodon, find it engaging and I love being able to moderate my own timeline (mutes, filters, blocks and so on). It also feels better for microblogging and I don’t have to rely on someone else moderating.

Nov 13, 2022, 21:31

After getting this cheap Asus dual booting Linux things got weird. The Asus charger no longer works when the lid is open. However MacBook Pro and Chromebook chargers do. Seems an odd coincidence so I suspect it may not be the charger. 🤷‍♂️

Nov 13, 2022, 15:55

I managed to get Linux Mint installed on my cheapo Asus laptop. It’s pretty snappy. I’m now trying to figure out why 2 apps can’t connect locally via XML-RPC. Tis a journey.