My thanks to all of the condolences. It’s been a crazy day and I haven’t kept up with them all to thank you individually.

Another item for an eventful day: dental surgery for our 10 year old dog. Seems to have gone well!

I’m grateful for this quiet space on a day like today.

And thanks for the condolences.

Gut wrenching day for us. My wife got a call yesterday afternoon her aunt was in the final days of her stage 4 cancer. She passed this morning before my wife could get there to see her. Literally gut wrenching.😭

Because of the illness of a relative I had to make a flight reservation for my wife for tomorrow. I was worried about availability but apparently Covid still means flights with seats open and low fares even for next day. ✈️

Some treat radio contesting as a sport, namely radiosport. I’m too lazy.

Also we voted today. A number of state amendments as well as city plus some school bonds. We always feel a bit lazy about going but then feel great once we’ve done it. Too many won’t bother.🤷🏽‍♂️

A multi-faceted mirror in our entry

I’ve finished many cups of coffee in my Taylor guitars mug. 🎸

These 2 contrails form an arrow in the sky which happens to point due east on the compass.

This is one of my wife’s recent splurge upgrades. I was a bit skeptical it would make a difference but this Vitamix blender delivers a lot of power to it’s rotating blades and makes superior smoothies and aids in sauce making.

Stretching on the word rotation today. 🤷🏽‍♂️

I didn’t have a good idea for ethereal so how about a photo of a delicate spider web. Not gonna like that spider does not look ethereal.

Shot on iPhone 12 with Halide’s delightful macro mode.

Charlie the robot rides on a wheeled sled and uses ski poles to move across the floor.

We have 4 animals living in our house (not including the 2 teenagers 😉). Our dog likes to lay on her back which seems a bit unusual. Then again she likes to be cradled in our arms,on her back, like a baby as well.🐩

Legends are made here.

Not mine tho! 😂

I moved my domain email from ProtonMail to the iCloud+. That went pretty smoothly, just had to wait a bit for the TXT records to propagate. But PM has an aneurysm if I try to send from there to the domain. Within the PM system it won’t let me delete the address. Hi support 😉

A location of hygge in our home

Not sure about this one as I had to look up the definition of the word. This small sofa is in my study and popular with me and the kids as a place to chill with a view of the outside world.

I’ve crossed this bridge on our trail countless times while exercising.

Safe to say this photo doesn’t have anything to do with today’s prompt but I couldn’t resist the pastel sky at dawn. As you can tell I love these kind of photos.

SOC on my iPhone 12

Our sky this morning at exactly at civil twilight.

Most of our meals are Asian in origin and we have a robust set of spices. Paedek is a fundamental for Lao cuisine, has a distinctive odor and is something my wife especially loves. This is not to be confirm the more common fish sauce.

🎶“Just direct your feet to the sunny side of the street” 🎶

Cloudless sunrise this morning.

At 7:23AM sharp my son and I head out of the house to walk to his school bus stop.

We’re both of the “if you’re not early you’re late” variety.

The majority of the time our dining room table is used for anything but dining.

At present it is the lab table for our Lego Robot Inventor projects.

Our daughter starts college next year so I did the parental FASFA application this morning. More of a PITA than it needed to be because their email and SMS account verification was borked. Finally got it finished though.

iPhone after dark

Just after midnight, iPhone 12 night mode doing it’s thing with the sky.