The bad news: our microwave just died

The good news: it is still in warranty

Other bad news: 10 days to get a service tech out. Our kids are 😭

I didn’t feel well the past 2 days and I ended up opening the Twitch app to kill some time. It reminds me of the Internet a couple decades ago before it became all corporate and content-ified. Full of people doing all kinds of things, some good, some bad, and some WTH is that.

The macOS Catalina update was painless on my MBP so I decided to update our iMac today. We purged ourselves of Adobe apps late last year and I already jumped the hoops to get Steam to 64 bit so I’m not expecting issues. But it will be a slow update given a Fusion drive.

After having no fall weather and the warmest and driest September on record, our temperature has been cut in half going from over 90F yesterday afternoon to 45F this morning. Also rain is added to the mix this morning. And all the hoodie fans rejoice!

This has been one of those days where it is hard to see any good news

In less happy news today, my AirPods v1 basically died (got v2s).

My health insurance open enrollment showed a cost increase by 22%. I think I had a heartache. Only good news is after calling in this is almost certainly a mistake so the case was escalated. Waiting hopefully.

Upgraded my MBP to Catalina this morning and it was a flawless experience. Downloaded quickly and installed in the normal time frame. So far everything seems to be working fine, including Sidecar (which I think I’m going to love).

I had already dealt with 32 bit apps. 💻

A launch, framed. 🎈 📷 🌳

A half dozen hot air balloons launched while I was exercising this morning. The past month has been hot and humid with still air. Virtually every day when I take my son to school we see at least one floating by.

Hmm, could there be a glimmer of hope in this?

Romney blasts Trump over ‘wrong and appalling’ call for China to probe Bidens

⭐️ DuckDuckGo — Privacy, simplified.

The search engine that doesn’t track you. Help Spread DuckDuckGo!

Sony finally opened up the PS4 for cross-play.

🔗 It’s about time 🎮

One thing I appreciate in iPadOS is the Face ID improvements. I use it not only to unlock my iPad but also in several apps. It is definitely faster for me and with better range. I use Apple’s keyboard 90% of the time and don’t have to lean in like I used to.

I’ve adopted a suggestion from DayOne to create an end of the day entry with the following headings. I’ve found it very helpful.

Any notable things happen today?

_ I’ve been thinking about… _

What’s next?

Of all the games our 10 year old has played in Apple Arcade, he seems most addicted to this one. 🎮 Cat Quest II

Mail on iPadOS 13.1.2 seems whack, more whack than previously. My Inbox refuses to update with actions, like filing a message, I took on my MBP. My iPhone shows my Inbox correctly but Mail refuses to update. Rebooted iPad, killed Mail, all to no avail. 😠

I think I literally said “What The Golf?” by the second hole. It is a very addicting game with a fun sense of humor. As soon as my son saw it he was hooked too. 🎮

Has anyone created iOS Shortcuts for posting to I did some searching and couldn’t find any.❔

It costs $2,000 and it still isn’t reliable. If this was an Apple product the internet would be on fire.

And yes this is the newest model, not the ones that initially broke.

My Galaxy Fold display is damaged after a day - TechCrunch

This is my first time trying a “High Rye”. A lady at my local store highly recommended it as falling in between a traditional rye and a bourbon. I used it in an old fashioned tonight and it turned out quite well. I normally use rye, such as Redemption makes as well. 🥃 📷

The ultimate selfie…


I’m heavily into Things3 for task management. I’m really happy that in iOS 13 I can use a Run Things URL action in Shortcuts to manipulate the app without Shortcuts opening/flashing the app. Faster and less intrusive.

Our main TV is 13+ years old and we’re planning to replace it this year. I think we’ll disable the ‘smart’ features and rely Apple TV 4K.

your Internet-connected streaming devices are watching you back and feeding your data to advertisers

Ars Technica with more details

Still in the 90s here and will be until October per the forecast. But I noticed the sunshine towards the end of the day seems to have that hint of fall color in it. Or maybe that’s my wishful thinking. 📷 🌳 ☀️

Hmm. It seems odd that user switching in tvOS 13 doesn’t apply to Arcade games. Or am I missing it? Apple’s help page seemed to say you’d have to manually sign in and out in tvOS Game Center. 😞 🕹

The days are shorter as if it is fall, but the temperature is pure summer. Almost all of September has been +10F degrees over normal. ⛅️ 📷

Blue sky