Another first : our teenage daughter making California rolls

My wife’s in-progress salmon poke. First time making it. Yum!

The National Weather Service confirmed this 1am barometric pressure spike is from the second pressure wave of the volcano. Our little weather station had no trouble picking this up. Interestingly the NWS says this wave came from the opposite direction having transited the globe.

We started planning trips for this year. I booked flights in March for my wife to go to a family gathering in Colorado. I’ll be on dad duty at home. She will also visit family in Cali this summer to meet her adult niece for the first time. And we’re going tubing this summer✈️

Today I had to reformat the iMac SSD and restore all my files. I’m very happy with my decision to switch to the Arq for backing up all platforms. Restoring was easy and super fast. 👍🏼

The weekend is off to a lousy start. Once a month I use Mac’s Disk Utility to verify my drives. This morning it reported a boot drive error that is apparently not fixable even in Recovery mode. The internet offers no solution. I suppose I’ll have to re-format and re-install 😖

Another sad milestone: as of today Covid related hospitalizations in our county are at the highest level ever. Trajectory shows no signs of flattening.

Our first attempt at pretzel sticks. They turned out well!

I updated the FlightAware software on the Raspberry Pi 3 I use for plane tracking. Seemed OK but when I re-attached the antenna the Pi was dead. This would be a big deal (Pi’s are not available for reasonable costs these days). Turns out it was only the SD card that died. 😅

Sunrise with a contrail crossing a tiny cloud boundary

Apparently my first post via was 4 years ago today 🎉

It seems our current government approach to Covid is based on the element Unobtanium. We’re supposed to use tests we can’t get and wear high end masks that are equally unavailable.

I mainly upgraded to the Series 7 Apple Watch for the always-on display. But given how Covid remains it is reassuring to be able to check blood oxygen level and have it monitored.

Maybe it’s just a confirmation bias but my wife and I with one booster on board had already decided we wouldn’t take another until fall at the earliest. Repeat Covid Booster Shots Risk Overloading Immune System, EU Regulators Warn - Bloomberg

Our current (poor?) attitude re Covid: resistance is futile.

My wife and I are vaccinated and boosted and the kids have double vaccinations. Kids have definitely been exposed, parents probably have. Just getting on with life though a lot of businesses have staff shortages.

I know there are some coffee pros here in MB land. I’m curious how you find a new coffee that you’ll (probably) like? It seems no one sells sampler sizes of beans? I can never tell from descriptions what the coffee will taste like. ☕️

Our 13 yo son refuses to wear anything other than shorts and a t-shirt but today we cajoled him into wearing long pants (still in a t-shirt though). To me this is freakin’ cold!

I think I’ll skip my outdoor exercise today: Feels like is 11ºF / temp 18ºF. More ☕️ please.

Someone suggested I make an Old Fashioned with maple syrup instead of simple syrup. This was an EXCELLENT suggestion. 🥃

In solidarity with our northern neighbors: our temperature has dropped by 33ºF in 3 hours. 19ºF more to lose before we hit tonight’s low.

Happy 2️⃣ 0️⃣2️⃣ 2️⃣ to the fam! Some have already ‘arrived’. We have another 6 hours 15 minutes to go. 🎉 🎊

We’ve long relied on Keurig but on Christmas I surprised the family with a Ninja® DualBrew Pro Specialty Coffee System. It has been a huge success. Quick K cup coffee when we want as well as espresso drinks that turn out great. Even the teenager loves it.

We enjoyed our short roadtrip to visit relatives we hadn’t seen for a few years. But I have to admit we are going to feel nervous the next 3 days of possible incubation of the virus. Here’s to hoping we manage to start 2021 without symptoms (we are fully vaccinated). 🤞

It’s rather apparent rain has been lacking for over a month. Still a nice view though.

Merry Christmas all! 🎄 I’m busying myself with a few projects to help pass the time on this quiet Christmas eve. After today we’ll be busy with opening presents, sharing a Christmas meal, and a brief trip to see some relatives for the first time in a couple of years.

Having inadvertently triggered a ned to udpate my weather system to the newest Weewx, I decided to re-skin the associated web site. You can click here to see current conditions, forecast, records etc.