I generally love Ars Technica & their software reviews were superior. But the iOS 13 review seems “mailed in” to me. Little meat not found elsewhere, too many “this is long overdue”, and features of interest to their tech readership like Shortcuts isn’t covered at all.

If you like iOS Shortcuts or want to learn about them, Matthew Cassinelli has a great video on the changes in iOS 13 as well as a library of around 150 shortcuts.

N.B. It may not be obvious but the tables of shortcuts are scrollable.

New releases of iOS et al always feel like I’ve been given a box full of small new toys. It is fun to go through them one-by-one to find the new favorite playthings.

I updated my iPhone and S4 Watch today as well as Safari on two Macs. Everything went perfectly. Have to admit the new watch faces have me craving the always-on S5 but the cost would be too much to me. S4’s aren’t worth much in trade. Arcade is looking great so far.

I really wish there was a way to tell Apple Arcade to download it’s games into a folder. 🕹

True confession: even though I knew better, one of the first things I did this morning was check to see if iOS 13 was out yet for my iPhone.

For your enjoyment, a polka-dot zebra

I can’t wait to see reports from this expedition. What a worthwhile challenge.

Hundreds of people have undergone intense preparation for an expedition designed to figure out what a warming Arctic means for us all. apple.news

For you lucky folks in the know, does Apple Arcade require iOS 13?

Last night was homecoming for our sophomore daughter and like last year she had a date. These events are good parental training for the months and years to follow.