Per my smart scale I have been losing weight every month since April 2019. I’m down 14 pounds (from 160 to 146) or about 9%. It’s not dramatic but it feels very sustainable which is best. I hadn’t realized until today how steady my progress has been. So hooray for me. 🏆

I don’t think I’ve come across anyone who has quit Twitter for any length of time, gone back to try it again, and stayed. They always leave a second time with an even stronger vow not to return.

Not much rest today, up before dawn.

✅ I repaired our front porch light which involved gymnastics to avoid many needle-like sticks by the prickly shrub underneath ✅ I ran a coax for my antenna thru the 1st floor in a “not ugly” way. Now to get it to the 2nd floor and attic

Two weeks after passing my Technician level amateur radio exam I passed the next level (General). I’m a bit burned out on studying and don’t plan on taking the Amateur Extra test.

Next up: is getting coax run from my attic to my office as unobtrusively as possible.

The sidewalk next to our house sunk quite a bit. I was afraid someone would trip, lose their balance, and fall so I called the city to have it repaired. In our town the homeowner pays half the cost and the city pays the rest and arranges the repair.

Thanks @macgenie and @manton! Now I have to stress over exactly which device(s) will be honored with the presence.

Dino is not at all happy about the lack of warmth today. 📷 🦖

A few years ago I took my executive team to the iFly across the bay from our Cupertino office for an indoor skydiving event. Not as team building but just to have fun together. It was a huge success. Today our 11 year old son got to go with the other gifted kids to our local iFly. Has to be the coolest thing the school district has ever done.

We’ve had cloudy days and rain for days on end. It’s the 3rd rainiest start to a year ever. I’m really missing watching the sun rise. ☀️ 📷

I really like the way Gluon handles inline images. On my iPad Pro they’re shown larger than in the M.b app and Icro and look lovely! @vincent

My favorite iPad Pro attachment ⌨️ 📷

It’s ugly but oh so functional and light.

As this type of news becomes common, I feel I should create a better WiFi password. Mine isn’t a “stupid” one but could be better. But I have ~80 WiFi devices and fear the havoc changing would wreak.

One of the most destructive botnets can now spread to nearby Wi-Fi networks

I have this plain bit of wall in front of me while riding the workout bike. The fan and TV are peeking around the edges. 📷😆

It dawned me today that if the M.b photo challenge had any sort of contest element, like “we’ll feature the best photos each day”, I would never have participated. I’m glad it is just a sharing event. @macgenie


Sign at the Lazy Dog📷

Managed to hit the trail for some exercise in the lull between rain storms. 📷


Push it, push it good. 📷

Above me 📷

These little planting cubes are sitting on my garage workbench patiently waiting on spring. I love when hoodie weather arrives but to be honest I get my fill of it well before winter ends.

Bonus shot for plant day 😉

I have the house to myself for awhile this morning. As is customary I have the HomePods on max volume blasting songs like Worlds Apart 🎶

If is Feb 6th and 28F this morning. It’s going to be another 4 months before I can look up and see these beautiful plants again. February is generally our most difficult winter month. Fortunately we dodged the recent sleet storm. 🌱 📷

Try if you want, but you can’t hide from these eyes

The Heisenberg Limit has long been one of my favorites learnings from quantum physics. I always get a “catch me if you can” image when Ithink about it.

Yes, I’m weird.

Spots on my windshield as the cold front moved through. This morning they’re from light sprinkles. Tomorrow they’ll likely be from snow and sleet. The kids will be super excited if so. 📷

All these discounts on Apple’s 16” MBP are soooo tempting. Must. Resist.