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Early voting started this week for municipal elections (city, county, community college). There was no line but I was happy to see a steady stream of arrivals.

Crossing over 📷

Apple software support continues to impress me. I was having one issue with my new MacBook Pro so I clicked on the “call now” option and in a total elapsed time of 7 minutes I had spoken to someone who could tell me how to solve the problem and I was done.

Post-hail repair status:
✅ Roof replaced
✅ Garage door replaced
✅ Guttering replaced
✅ Screens replaced
🚨 Cosmetic damage to HVAC unit turned into physical damage by incompetent tech (I used a crowbar as a temp fix)🤬
⭕️ Fence blasted and stained TBD

Now that’s a paint job!

N.B. It is not a functional car but a purpose-built structure for the art project.

You say “unintentionally” and I say “negligently”.

Facebook ‘unintentionally’ saved contacts of 1.5 million new users

A very interesting read, something to think about today.

Happiness is a momentary experience that arises spontaneously and is fleeting. Meanwhile, satisfaction is a long-term feeling, built over time

Daniel Kahneman explains why most people don’t want to be happy

I had no idea Apple was still using the old Mac OS smiling logo (been 6 years since I bought a Mac). For some reason this made me feel rather happy.

Seen on the box of my new MBP.

And now for some good news.
> How wildlife bridges over highways make animals—and people—safer - National Geographic

Harbingers. First of many to come. 📷

Attracted to the light like moths to a flame.

I’ll be there soon myself to pick up a new laptop.

I noticed last week my 2013 MBP lid didn’t close completely any more. Today I noticed that the bottom has a bit of a bulge to it so doesn’t sit on the little feet any longer and rocks around a bit. The battery is working fine. Hmm. 💻

Still. Very. Green.

No filters or edits…

Chores and exercise done. It’s the kind of day I can now sit happily with my iPad on my lap watching Walks with My Dog.

This delightful British series follows celebrities and their faithful canine friends through some of the UK’s most gorgeous landscapes. Prime Video

Yesterday was full of rain and storms. Today it is beautifully clear and the trees and fields are bursting forth. So. Much. Green. 📷

Here sits the only person in the US that thinks Apple’s News+ has merit and plans to continue his subscription.

True based on every review I’ve seen posted.

My decision is based on the very broad selection of quality magazines included in the price.

The UI does suck.

This is why I hate YouTube. And Twitter.

The first image of a black hole made her a celebrity. Then internet trolls descended.

I just finished reading Madame Fourcade’s Secret War, a NYT best seller. An excellent read.

The story of Marie-Madeleine Fourcade, born to privilege, the daring young woman who headed the largest and most influential spy network in occupied France during World War II.

It’s an indoor kind of day with multiple rain storms passing from the south. I built a new weather alert device for the family this week and these storms have been perfect for testing it as waves of alerts come and go.

Interesting - the Wall Street Journal is going to take a swing at restoring public comments on (some) news content. I wish them luck while remaining quite cynical.

Elevating Our Discourse


Since Drafts came out on macOS I’m using it a surprising amount for debugging. I’ve always wanted a instantaneous place to paste logs or other info during analysis. Drafts makes the process fast and it’s super easy to markup the output while investigating. //@agiletortoise

In the past I had the habit of opening a social media app when I wanted a distraction or had a few minutes to kill. Since deleting my Facebook account and stopping usage of Twitter & Instagram I’m using those moments to open my mind to real life topics. Very beneficial.

Our 10 year old son just delivered a 30 minute rant about fake science videos on YouTube. It was interesting to hear his thought processes for debunking them.

Another reason not to buy a smart TV, especially not one from Sony.

by adding a row of Sponsored content that no one asked for

Google surprises Android TV owners with unwanted advertisements

It seems somewhat ironic that it took me until today to notice that the hail storm that wiped out our roof also damaged our backyard weather station.

An IndieWeb Webring 🕸💍