A small bit of moon shortly after dawn. The colors were amazing. 🌕

The golden path of autumn 🍂

A seasonal shift to less productive mornings: now that sunrise is later I no longer have time to get out for exercise before prepping my son for school.

I use Apple devices but I don’t follow reports of new features before release preferring to discover the changes as pleasant surprises. I installed iOS 17 and have come across some handy changes. Predictive inline text is my “find of the day”.

And I am still amazed at the Snoopy watch face which has been one surprise after another. Almost walked into a wall because I was staring at an animation 😆

I’m in love with the new Snoopy watch face 💕!

Today I tried the new Input Shaping feature on my Prusa MK4. It is pretty amazing! A print that used to take 3’53” now takes only 1’39”. Another that used to take 2’35” now takes only 1’9”. More than twice as fast with no loss in quality. I’m printing a bunch today and I have a feeling I better check the lube on the smooth rods afterwards 😁

I’m watching an Australian Rules Football game (women’s). It seems like a combination of soccer, rugby and hot potato played on a giant cricket field. Entertaining. 🏈 ⚽️ 🥔

On the topic of rain, today’s .12” rain is the first measurable rain in more than 2 months. It has been a hell of a beating and our home garden has not been very productive.

In my task manager there is an entry for tonight “Epic Adventures”. I have no idea where it came from and no idea what it means. But I’m contemplating it… 😆

We’re having our first rain since the middle of July. It isn’t a storm, just a nice gentle rain like you hear on a ASMR audio/video. I immediately headed for the back patio to soak up the sounds because it looks like it will be very brief. 🌧️

Awesome app! mastodon.social/@jamesthomson/

I loved the Tales of Arise JRPG so it was a great surprise that they announced an expansion for the game today (after having said they weren’t going to do one). Coming to a console near me in November. 😁

I’ve installed 3 ceiling fans in 2 days and boy are my calves telling me off about it.

ahhhh, college 🏈 📺

I successfully installed a ceiling fan in the she-cave today. By successful I mean it worked and I didn’t even have to cuss. Wife is pleased with the style and happy it provides much brighter light for her project tasks.

Life and death in one. 🌸

It’s been a great few weeks for sports. Women’s World Cup ⚽️ followed by a week of the World Championship of Track and Field. 👟 We’re going to go in withdrawal next week.

Very happy for India’s successful moon landing. And the timing after a certain other country’s failure is divine.

India successfully lands Chandrayaan-3 near the moon’s south pole | AP News apnews.com/article/india-space

I nearly ordered a newer RISC-V SBC board so I could start contributing code to getting it closer to on par with Arm. Barely stopped myself - it would have been a waste of money because I just don’t have time for another project.

Noise cancelling headphones are no match for 5 year old twins in constant fight mode.

One of the blessings of a community pool: The 7 invaders (😜) wanted to go swim so I stayed home to enjoy some peace. The 5 year old boy has boundless energy and full lungs and I’m jealous. BTW at the moment this means there are a total of 12 people sleeping at our home. Good thing we have some futon.

Based on the latest intelligence report, it is 2 hours until D-Day. Grabbed an early bite for dinner and sipping on a medicinally required glass of red wine. 🍷

The invasion is coming, the invasion is coming!

I’d call it a visit but when a family of 7 announces they’re coming to stay at our house on 2 days notice it feels more like we’re girding for battle. We can’t even remember how to baby proof any more and they’re bring young twins. 😝

Last night when our daughter came home she couldn’t unlock the door. Turns out the Schlage Encode plus deadbolt mechanism had frozen up. Took quite awhile to diagnosis and then figure out how to remove it. Turns out with everything disassembled there is a tiny hidden spot on the deadbolt to press to force a release. Was quite the scramble.

Pointless nostalgia:
Reading about the Pac-12’s collapse, latest of many conference upheavels, has me wishing for the old days of long running rivalries. I found the games much more exciting.