QDX circuit board day 1: 16 capacitors, 6 diodes and 4 inductors soldered so far. It’s gonna be awhile before I know if I made any mistakes.

My desk setup to start the QDX transceiver build. It soon got a lot messier…

My next project is to build a QDX low power digital transceiver from a kit. This is going to require a lot of soldering and provide ample opportunities for me to screw things up.

Lovely sky for this morning’s exercise.

Had to go with a slow, low impact, pace. My knees have not forgiven me for last week’s fall. I fear it will take weeks to really recover.

I primarily use D-Star for world wide digital transmission but there are 2 other popular protocols: DMR and C4FM/Fusion. I got a openSPOT 4 Pro hotspot yesterday which enables my D-Star radios to talk seamlessly with the others. Pretty nifty and the audio reports are all solid.

In our hotel and the difference is clear: our kids sleep silently. Us parents make all kinds of rumbly snoring sounds most of the night. Of course the kids complain but in reality they get their sleep regardless of the noise.

Follow the bouncing ball. Aka a bit of very casual ping pong after consuming s’mores. 🏓

Generally I enjoy being the early riser in our family. But I gotta admit when we are all sharing a hotel room on a trip it kinda sucks 🚙

We’ve been coming to this resort off and on for 15 years. It is a very chill experience for us and the kids started waxing nostalgic ever since we left home to come here. But they’re teens now and I suspect this will be our last visit here.🚙

My father’s day gift to myself: permission to ignore each and every news report on every subject. Feels good! 🙈

Following the straight and narrow path.

Note: took this the day before I fell down a few steps. Still in recovery mode but going well.

I was carrying suitcases down our stairs and I guess I lost my balance on the last couple of steps and fell. Since my hands were full I landed square on both knees. I don’t think I broke anything which would be best since we leave in a couple of days. I sure yelped though!

This great atmospheric model from NASA (unfortunately) shows a large layer of Saharan dust headed our way. Preparing for an unhappy respiratory system in 3 2 1 now.

Atmospheric Composition (2D) Maps - Dust AOT

Whenever I glance at this photo I feel it has an impressionistic look. Unintentional but I like it.

At Georgia Aquarium

TIL: our home insurance company now offers discounts for things like smart water leak sensors and security cameras. Not huge discounts but every bit helps.

Here’s hoping this glass of red wine either a) helps me chill and think clearer or b) chill and not think at all. 🍷

I really need to stop and think through an issue. But I keep letting my mind wander off to trivialities. I could use a place of seclusion but nothing is handy at the moment. Of course I could go find one. This is one of the few activities I tend to procrastinate over 🤷‍♂️

Ouch! I just learned Stage Manager is only supported on M1 iPads 😔 Given the 12.9” model is over $1K Stage Manager would have to be pretty special stuff to get me to upgrade. Can’t remember any other benefit of the M1 iPad. And how long until a M2 comes out?😣

Most of my screen time is with an iPad Pro w/keyboard on my lap somewhere. But that is also my worst posture. I have the best when using sitting at my desk using my iMac. Even when I have the iPad on my desk my posture is worse/lacking. So why do I use it so much?

Overall there were were a number of improvements cited in the WWDC keynote that are really appealing to me. Enough that I’ll probably buy an M2 iMac once those are announced. But I feel Stage Manager on iPad is going to be too limited - they didn’t really show flexibility.

Pre-dawn, pre-WWDC, pre-exercise sky. Twas a lovely summer morn to take it all in.

I have wishes for WWDC but I’ve avoided all the predictions. I prefer to just take it in as a spectacle and enjoy anything they announce that appeals to me.

Most hated bit of home electronics: smoke and gas detectors. One went off today for no reason. Grabbed a ladder, disconnected it, blew on it, reinstalled it and now it is silent. Pretty much expecting it to go off again in the middle of the night. It’s only a few years old. 😖

My home IP address, assigned by my ISP, has been the same for something like 10 years. It looks like it changed today. I need to do some network housekeeping as a result else some things will be broken.

Speaking of endurance: proud of our daughter finishing high school on a high, gettting a good job she loves, registered for college classes (+1 this summer), and to me for finding a used car she loves. Also for finishing the photo challenge. 😉

What swims in the ocean but isn’t a fish?

A lot of things actually. But dolphins are one example (mammals).