😥 Just found out our 4 year old fridge needs a repair so expensive it doesn’t make sense to do.

⛈️ Enjoying the sounds of rain as a mild thunderstorm rolls through

🎮 Tinkering with my new Steam Deck.

YouTube whine

I’ve generally liked YouTube but for the first time ever I sent them feedback. The app on my iPad has been taken over by shorts and movies in spite of me clicking the “no interest” button. They reappear every few minutes. I heard their business isn’t good so I guess they’re desperate. Takes a lot of scrolling to get past that crap to what I might want to watch so I’ll use it less.

I’m curious what whole bean coffee folks are fond of as an “every day” cup. Mainly beans available in the US but more broadly is fine too! Interested in trying something new. We lean a bit toward dark roast. ☕️

👏 Monday’s aren’t always bad. Like this morning I found out, to my surprise, I won’t need Mohs surgery.

A multi-color Easter egg with some candy for my wife. Based on 3DPrintBunny’s model and printed using Amolen dual color filament. My wife was pleased.👍🏼 thangs.com/designer/3dprintbun

Now that I’ve ordered a Steam Deck I’m going to have to build a game wishlist. I’ve been a console gamer for the most part so I have some work to do. Suggestions welcome (not into battle royale or multi-player games, tend to play solo).

⚠️ Finished some larger prints, now switching to a 4mm nozzle for detailed prints

After being a subscriber for years and downgrading my ProtoMail & VPN subscription over a year ago I’ve decided to cancel it entirely. I’ve wanted to do so for the past year but it took time to migrate all references to that email. The VPN often doesn’t work without fiddling an Apple’s Hide My Email does what I want. Now for a new VPN plan.

😴 Up too early. But going to try to get some 3D prints done to start the day.

Pulled the plug on Home Assistant. As some folks warned me, things that were working fine just suddenly stop working and finding out why is a whole project unto itself. Looks cool but in my case not worth my time.

I made a thing. It is a holder I mount in the garage to keep some tools handy.

My first time imagining something and creating it in CAD software. I used OnShape after seeing a video demo. I’ve tried using Fusion 360 to create things a few times and always gave up. I also found frustrations with OnShape due to my ignorance but I could overcome those.

I’m really happy with how this articulated dragon turned out. I used Amolen’s dual color filament (red & gold). Maybe not good as a fidget because it is a bit spiky but it articulates very well.

🏫 Watching my son do quadratic equation homework. Memories from my youth

My Synology NAS is back and reconfigured for basic RAID protection. Overall it went smoothly so I’m happy (and relieved).

Now back into OnShape.

Trying to completely reset and reconfigure my Synology NAS. Apparently the reset worked but it has yet to come back to life afterwards. Par for the course for this kind of activity. I anticipated trouble so I have the whole morning booked for this.

✏️ Designing a tool holder in OnShape. First time using it.

Since I have no need of a 4 disk NAS any longer, rather than replace the one disk that is nearing failure I’ve decided to switch to a basic setup without RAID. All disks are 6 years old so I could face having to replace them all to maintain my current RAID level. I spent this morning backing up configs and info. First thing tomorrow I’ll nuke the current config and start afresh. I’ll also clean all the dust out of it.

🤔 Making a plan to deal with the failing disk in my NAS

Oh joy. One of the drives in my NAS is failing. I’ve got high redundancy (4 drives and can survive 2 drive failure). That’s crazy overkill for how I use it now but Synology doesn’t have a way to switch to a lower redundancy level (other than manual backup, reset it, then restore). It’s all 6 years old so I wonder if I should bite the bullet and downgrade now?

👷 Grinding (my Prusa printer) on another set of gridfinity bins for my latest metric bolts

Big news at our local Japanese grocery store. Their small section of gashapon machines is greatly expanding starting tomorrow. Our 19 year old daughter is gonna love this. 🇯🇵

My workout buddy is cooler than yours!

Our friendly neighborhood armadillo briefly paced me trotting between the path and fence before ducking out on me. Slacker 😉

Thanks @ericschabell for the cool Chronosphere swag. That’s a great looking T-Shirt and I already have plans for the stickers. 🍻