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  • I’ve long provided my local weather data to upstream services but have recently expanded it. I’ve also installed a Pi Zero W running WeeWx to expand my weather data archiving as well as send my data to the Citizen Weather Observer Program. As a result I’ve opened up a page so anyone can see the local conditions and forecast.
  • In other weather project news I’m implementing a more proactive weather alert device for the home. We’ve long had a weather radio and rely on it when severe weather strikes but the only way to get details on alerts is via audio. I’m building a device with an LCD screen that will show the alert detail on-screen.


  • Our 10 year old son is breezing through a Micro:bit programming class so I’m preparing him to do a Javascript version. And possibly use Circuit Playground Express which is a bit more powerful.
  • Parenting… one of those lifelong learning journeys
  • Now that our daughter is a high school freshman I’ve started learning about college costs and financial aid. Most recently this involves planning her courses and schedule for her sophomore year.
  • I’m starting to pick up my guitar after a few years absence due to shoulder pain and surgery.
  • Continuing my (life long) efforts to eat better and exercise more. And rather failing at both.
  • Contemplating my priorities for giving and volunteering – I recently recommitted to one of my non-profit interests. I also am going to get my daughter involved in some volunteer activities.
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