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  • I’ve long provided my local weather data to upstream services but have recently expanded it. I’ve also installed a Pi Zero W running WeeWx to expand my weather data archiving as well as send my data to the Citizen Weather Observer Program. As a result I’ve opened up a page so anyone can see the local conditions and forecast.
  • I’m making the switch from using Carbon Copy Cloner and some AWS backups to Arq for all my backups: Windows, Mac, NAS, Raspberry Pi. You can read about it here.
  • My Synology NAS has been a great device and it runs a whole bunch of packages and tasks. But I’ve become uncomfortable with a single point of failure so I’ve begun to migrate certain items to Raspberry Pi’s. First step is migrating Plex and it’s helpers to a Pi 4.
  • Becoming more involved in Icom’s D-Star digital communication community. I have a ID-52a on order…


  • Parenting… one of those lifelong learning journeys
  • Building and programming Lego Robot Inventor kit projects with our 13 year old son
  • Finishing our daughter’s driving practice so she can get her license. We’ll end up needing another car which due to Covid will be much more expensive than originally planned.
  • Also preparing our daughter for college next year
  • Continuing my (life long) efforts to eat better and exercise more. And rather failing at both
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