Phil Neville has rightly pointed out the social media platforms repeatedly have failed to act and called for boycotts by players and teams. We need more organizations to stand up and stop enabling these platforms to foster abuse. Twitter racist abuse of ManchesterU Paul Pogba ⚽️

Lots of attention on screen time and teen mental health in the press these days. There is a bit of counterpoint in this NPR piece. Our approach is seek a degree of moderation.

New Research Casts Doubt On Connection Between Smartphone Use And Teen Mental Health : NPR

Wow. Twice now Manchester City has lost last minute goals due to VAR ruling they were enabled by inadvertent hand balls. I didn’t notice the one today at all. ⚽️

I mostly watch sports so Sony’s PS Vue has been my streaming service. But they raised the price and I heard YouTube TV now has a strong sports line up at a lower price. Giving YTTV a try and it definitely has higher quality streaming for sports than Vue. 📺

I signed up for the Apple Card today. Easy enough to do (just had to unlock my credit report). The only thing I don’t like is there is no way to export transactions to personal finance software like Banktivity. The only export format is a PDF. My card will be low volume so ok.💵

I went retro/Luddite this week: picked up a couple of watch tools and replaced batteries in a handful of watches my wife and I had in our drawers. Wearing one in place of my AWs4 today. Main thing I’m missing is being able to give voice commands by raising my wrist and speaking.

Periodically I think of users who used to post here frequently and then just disappeared and wonder what happened and if they’re ok. Some folks will make a short post when they step away which is nice. I wonder if I’m the only person who thinks of the rest?

I really feel like there is more to discover in Discover these days.😃 //@macgenie

Watching Manchester United vs Chelsea. At half time its everything I’d hope for in a top flight game. ⚽️ 🇬🇧

I’m excited English Premiere League ⚽️ season as started. Shaping up to be a good one after all the transfers.

Only a couple more weeks until US college 🏈 starts. It will be interesting to see if Clemson can repeat. Personally I hope for some upsets.