Tina Boo’s choreography and hand movements with this song are mesmerizing. I love turning down the audio and just watching her movements over and over again. So many small details.


Song is &burn, performance at 1MILLION dance studio

I just got a jury summons☹️

For Thanksgiving week 😢😢😢

For those who were interested in the Kagi search engine, check out this stats page: kagi.com/stats.

On the right side click on Domain Insights to see which sites are most often blocked, raised or lowered.

Open enrollment for health insurance is always stressful for me. It seems akin to gambling: do we pick the best plan assuming our usual minimal healthcare needs or the plan that best covers a major event or a plan somewhere in between. There is no way to know which is best, all I can do is “play the odds”. Sigh.

One of my favorite features of the kagi.com search engine is the ability to block any site(s) I choose from search results. E.g. today the top search result for a technical query was one with nags for ad unblocking and paying for membership before I have even seen any of their content. Insta-ban. 👍🏼

Our unexpected and unintended house guests of the past 5 days finally got a replacement car key. They’re anxious to get back home (kids had to go to relatives there) so will drive into the night 10 hours. It’s been stressful for all.

Shibuya Japan at Halloween is a most excellent people watching spot.

Side note: I’m glad they imposed crowd restrictions this year. With the tourist influx they were at risk of the stampede deaths that hit Korea last year. Better to play it safe while having fun.

Ruffles have ridges … and so does our sky! It is an amazing color of blue at the moment.

1:30am sitting at the emergency vet clinic. Nothing life threatening so not really stressed but it’s a long wait to see the vet. Should have brought snacks 🥱😋

In other news we’ve had 7” of rain in a couple of days and apparently this is going to continue through Monday. Our yard is drowning. 🌧️

The young couple staying with us lost the only key to their car. It is a newer model with a key fob and the local dealer quoted $600 to replace it plus it would need to be towed to the dealer. Also, it would take 3 days to get a replacement fob. An automotive locksmith might be cheaper or faster but still it is a hit to their budget and plan to depart today. Feel sorry for them.☹️

My wife and I have decided we’re now officially introverts. Any time we have company for more than a couple of hours we’re left drained. And flashbacks to when a family of 7, including 2 year old twins, stayed with us triggers PTSD. 🤷‍♂️ Excuse me while I enter a darkened room.

It rained so hard last night the sound of it hitting the roof woke me up. No thunder, just the sound of a very heavy rainfall. We got over 4 inches. The rain is needed so no complaints from me. Supposedly more to come today 🌧️

I watch videos on YouTube quite a bit for both fun and learning. Recently their iPad app has started forcing a whole section of inflammatory video news “suggestions”. Even after clicking “Not Interested” multiple times it keeps coming back. I don’t normally send feedback to their frequent random “enhancements” but this time I sent one and I might have included a naughty word.🫢

A small bit of moon shortly after dawn. The colors were amazing. 🌕

The golden path of autumn 🍂

A seasonal shift to less productive mornings: now that sunrise is later I no longer have time to get out for exercise before prepping my son for school.

I use Apple devices but I don’t follow reports of new features before release preferring to discover the changes as pleasant surprises. I installed iOS 17 and have come across some handy changes. Predictive inline text is my “find of the day”.

And I am still amazed at the Snoopy watch face which has been one surprise after another. Almost walked into a wall because I was staring at an animation 😆

I’m in love with the new Snoopy watch face 💕!

Today I tried the new Input Shaping feature on my Prusa MK4. It is pretty amazing! A print that used to take 3’53” now takes only 1’39”. Another that used to take 2’35” now takes only 1’9”. More than twice as fast with no loss in quality. I’m printing a bunch today and I have a feeling I better check the lube on the smooth rods afterwards 😁

I’m watching an Australian Rules Football game (women’s). It seems like a combination of soccer, rugby and hot potato played on a giant cricket field. Entertaining. 🏈 ⚽️ 🥔

On the topic of rain, today’s .12” rain is the first measurable rain in more than 2 months. It has been a hell of a beating and our home garden has not been very productive.

In my task manager there is an entry for tonight “Epic Adventures”. I have no idea where it came from and no idea what it means. But I’m contemplating it… 😆

We’re having our first rain since the middle of July. It isn’t a storm, just a nice gentle rain like you hear on a ASMR audio/video. I immediately headed for the back patio to soak up the sounds because it looks like it will be very brief. 🌧️

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