Bracing for a large water bill for June as we try to keep the new sod from burning up in the Texas heat. The shade trees on the side of the house matured to the point the Bermuda couldn’t survive so now it is on to St Augustine.

Best Buy had the Nintendo Switch Labo starter kit for $20 on sale last week so I took the plunge. We spent the whole afternoon putting together parts of the kit and playing the included games. Pretty good value so far. Can’t wait to use it with Zelda BOTW.

For reasons I can’t figure out someone is using my private email address to make a range of travel reservations. They’re not using my credit card info so I can’t figure out what the deal is. I changed my password yet this afternoon I was flooded with AirBnB reservations. πŸ€”

For the first time in our lives we got sushi to go from our favorite restaurant. They were very happy to see us! When we picked up the order they let us know if we make a reservation they will seat us inside even though they have a big sign up that says ‘take out only”. 🍣

When I went to bed last night the whiteboard was blank. Awoke to find some sort of Kirby drawing frenzy took place. I’ll be curious to hear the story when the family wakes up.

After asking for more than a year, our teenage daughter pressed us again to let her have a hamster. We decided she was ready for the responsibility to take care of it on her own so we now have a new family member. Habitat improvements in progress. 🐹

View from our back patio tonight.

Being a space nerd, I’m enjoying watching the live feed of the docking procedure between Dragon and the ISS this morning. Very chill. πŸš€

Another one bites the dust: deleted the Slack app since the slack was the last one I still used. Glad to see it go.

The Bundesliga matches are using piped in crowd noise and it is surprisingly a good thing. ⚽️

Hidey hole

The good news today: I got my first cup of coffee just fine.

The bad news: when I tried to make my mandatory second cup it was no bueno. Part of the maker internals broke off.

The saving grace: I found one in stock locally so our world order has been restored. β˜•οΈ

After the rains πŸ“· ☁️ β˜€οΈ πŸŒ‰

66F is amazingly uncomfortable when the humidity is 96%.

In other news we’re trying to decide whether to get an area rug in our den or have the first floor of the house re-carpeted. Not keen on having carpet installers in the house nor dealing with all the disruption πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

Family movie night: Onward (2020) - IMDb🍿

Coffee + treat on the back patio + a cool morning + some chillpop music = refreshing start and a clearer mind

I needed a refreshing start because there were some very loud thunderstorms spread throughout the night. I started off pretty laggy.

Doing our part: yesterday my wife took our daughter shopping for some new clothes for summer. They were thrilled at Macy's because they each got a bundle of clothes all priced at $5. Quite a deal. They were so happy they went again today. πŸ˜ƒπŸ’΅

Neapolitan of sports these days: Korean baseball ⚾️, US NASCAR πŸš—, German soccer ⚽️.

I got my latest Field Notes purchases today. I really love the unique Deader Prints special edition notebooks. The Bellroy pencil case is sweet too. It was time to treat myself a little.

My second book is another old mystery, this time by Edmund Crispin, and is considered by some writers to be one of the top 5 mysteries of all time. I certainly enjoyed it! I had fun tracking a copy down. 😊 πŸ“–

The Moving Toyshop -

For this week I think I’ll recommend some “out of the way” books. Most people know A.A. Milne as the author of Winnie the Pooh but he also wrote an excellent mystery, his one and only. I really enjoyed it.

The Red House Mystery -

This morning’s sky: big sun, ribbon of cloud, tiny balloon. πŸ“· β˜€οΈβ˜οΈ 🎈

Scoob! πŸŽ₯🍿

I played Dragon Quest XI on the Switch a lot but put it aside in October to pursue some other games that caught my attention. I put off returning to it for fear of being rusty but that was baseless. It is a very easy game to pick up again even after months. πŸ•Ή

The food bank I volunteer at also takes donations of goods for resale/recycling. They closed for awhile and when they reopened last weekend got more donations in a couple hours than they normally get in a week and have closed again. So clearly people cleaned house to kill time.