I’m a happy man since the new WatchOS allows me to schedule changes in watch faces ⌚️.

Thanks @sku_b!

As a bit of a space weather nerd this really fascinates me. The video is an awe inspiring display.

NASA’s IRIS Spots Nanojets - NASA

a process that reveals the existence of one of the potential coronal heating candidates: nanoflares.

Wow. This will hurt Sony’s PlayStation in the long run (no change for PS5 launch titles though). Probably not as big a deal for Nintendo. 🎮

Microsoft purchases Bethesda Softworks in industry-changing acquisition - Ars Technica

Overall I’m loving widgets in iPadOS 14. I added this one on uplifting news and was immediately depressed by the caption.

On clicking through it was the truncation - the next word was “prevention”. 😬

I updated by iPhone X and S4 Watch last night. This morning my hobby is going through Location Services and turning off “Precise Location” for nearly every app.

After 2 weeks of in-person school Covid counts remain flat (of course 2 weeks is too short to really make an assessment). Both kids strongly wanted in-person. But now they’re lukewarm. Largely because the precautions all but prevent socializing. 🏫

I ordered our PS5 at Best Buy just now! 😂 That is our extra PS5 controller for the console that we can’t order yet… 🎮

For over a decade I’ve been laptop-only. My corporate life demanded worldwide portability so the Windoze laptops were pretty 🦥. At home I used mid-tier MBPs. But now for no good reason I’m strongly tempted to buy a high end iMac for performance. 🖥 Blame iPad?

After watching Sony’s PS5 event today our 6 year is all-in for getting a PS5. I have to admit the Spider-Man bridge battle was epic!

Hmm, so if I read it over right the Apple One subscription might save my family some money. 💵

Ok, thanks to the Apple Event I had to look up what VO2Max is. As an older non-athlete having my watch judge me is a bit scary ! ⌚️

I repeatedly prove to myself that it is impossible for me to eat “a few chips”. It’s like a freight train leaving the station - each chip just builds up more inertia to continue eating. 😔

Kind of a sports-overload weekend. Tons of college football on TV as well as the first weekend of the English Premiere League. Not to mention other events like F1 and ANA Inspiration. 🏈 ⚽️ 🚙 ⛳️

I’ve been journaling for several years. Sometimes very sporadically, sometimes semi-regularly. But I noticed today I hit a 365 day streak so yay for a full year of consistent journaling. 👍🏼

Sometimes the way news is reported really bothers me because it emphasizes the negative in stories so much. E.g. around here virtual learning has gone very well for the districts, schools, teachers and students. Naturally as some districts started up there have been some issues. Local news coverage is all about the issues. There should be a heavy dose of praise for what has gone so well in such a difficult situation. I think it is important we recognize those who have tried to make the best out of this difficult situation.

I have to say the UEFA Nations League game between England and Denmark was one of absolutely most boring I’ve ever watched. There were virtually no real attacks by either team. It’s like they intended to end 0-0 from the outset. ⚽️

Unexpected find on the trail this morning… Party on!

Lovely sky at dawn this morning

A coyote came a bit closer than I’m comfortable with while I was exercising. This hastily taken/crappy photo, taken from the safety of my house, is of it from a few days ago.

I applaud our school district. It is the second day of in-person learning and they have already published a dashboard tracking every active Covid case broken out by campus. Out of about 25,000 students and staff there are currently 3 people with positive tests.

The school can provide Chromebooks. Both our kids had a chance to use one and they hate the performance and the feel. Both prefer using an iPad instead. Fortunately the district allows BYOD. Makes me wonder seeing all these parents scrambling to buy Chromebooks.

Tomorrow’s the day. The kids switch from at-home learning to in-person learning with all the expected precautions. They’re extremely excited. To them electing in-person was a no brainer. Of course for parents it’s a bit nerve-wracking. Still glad the district gave us a choice.

We love to travel but being cautious I have no idea when we will get to do so again


A family of armadillos was a surprise discovery in our neighborhood. First time seeing them since we moved here (>10 years).


Our daughter’s hamster amidst his bedding which somewhat resembles snow flakes.


I have mixed emotions when I view this photo. On the positive side the kids had a blast on this outdoor field trip. The downside is it was the last field trip before Covid and so far no field trips are planned for 2020-2021. So much robbed joy.