Rainy days and Mondays

I’ve used Feedbin to follow Engadget’s rss for a long time. But this week it appears Engadget is preventing Feedbin from showing article summaries (first couple of sentences). Only the headline and a photo are shown. I need to find a new feed to follow. 😖 Ars Technica still ok

Icing (pea-ing?) my knee. I was up on a ladder for a bit after dinner and when I finished the left knee had something like a contusion on the outside. A painful ridge. But I didn’t hit it on anything. Not sure what it is other than a sign of getting older. 😞

It looks like all of our Indian Hawthorne succumbed to the record cold. It’s a shame as they were fully mature and well shaped. Our foundation trees (oak and live oak) all made it as did our Japanese maple. Not sure about the crepe myrtle yet. 🌳🤞

It’s free money day!!! 💵 I.e. our stimulus “checks” arrived.

The redbuds and ornamental pears are blooming right on schedule in spite of last month’s record lows.

We committed to our son we’ll take a trip this summer. I’m hoping my wife will have gotten vaccinated by then. We have a longer than usual list of possibilities since so many of interest are still closed or highly limited. We have decided it will be a road trip. Feeling hopeful!

Of masks, Manhattans and Stella. 🍺 🍸 😷

A rarely used possession out for a brief trip. 🚙

At the tire store this morning having new shoes installed on my wife’s SUV. I wasn’t happy with how long the current ones lasted. I did have all the paperwork for them though and was delighted by the amount of premature wear discount I received.

Having “home owner” fun tonight. Trying to get a reputable plumber to come out and deal with our clogged kitchen sink. I took apart the pipes under the sink and they’re not clogged. Whatever is wrong is well above my plumbing skills. Due to the freeze plumbers are v busy.

My wife and I have gone shopping at stores two days in a row. For things we want not just need. I think this is the first time in a year (due to Covid).

In Texas and masks are still the norm.

Very happy: our school district let us know the FD started vaccinating teachers today. They’ve been leading in-person classes since September so great for those who want a shot to get one. Also the district announced masks will remain mandatory for the remainder of the term.👍🏼

I haven’t washed my car in months. A perfect morning to watch other people work. 😊

I need to find a device to measure local gravity. I’m convinced that the gravitational pull from my chair increases the longer I’ve sat in it. Within seconds I can bounce up in a flash. In 5 minutes it takes some effort. Much after that and it requires chocolate inducements.

Made a 150 mile round trip drive today to trade my VHF/UHF radio for a better one. Got a great price on my trade (only 8% less than what I paid for it). The weather was perfect for a drive in the countryside so that was an extra bonus.

I don’t know if it was this morning’s cortado at the cafe or if it is the bright sunshine or just a bit of randomness but I’ve been especially energetic and productive today. 👍🏼

Morning cortado. Enjoying our new local indie coffee shop.

One more reason I always favor 1Password over LastPass

1Password has none, KeePass has none… So why are there seven embedded trackers in the LastPass Android app? • The Register

Got our electric and gas utility bill. A lot of folks are screaming about theirs. Not us - ours was cut off most of the time during the “big freeze” so it is just a normal amount. Lookin’ on the bright side.

A dietary wickedness but delicious indulgence while waiting on an order of Carnitas to go.

Amazon basically has no idea when any of our orders will arrive, post storm, and seems unaware that some items were already delivered. Quite the mess and status changes several times during the day. USPS has been more reliable post-storm.

It makes me really happy to see the city is continuing to expand our large network of exercise paths. This extension starts at the northern city limits and extends to the east. 🏃‍♂️

From just below 0F Tuesday morning to nearly 70F Sunday. It is hard to process all that happened from last Saturday.

The first grocery I went to this morning had absolutely no type of bread, no type of milk, and not a single egg. I went to another chain and was able to buy our favorite milk and eggs. They also had a few types of bread. Not our fave but at least we have some now.