Our clothes washer-dryer set is now 16 years old and I feel like we are really starting to push our luck on its longevity. Some folks I know had to wait nearly 2 months for parts to repair theirs which when combined with the age of ours has me thinking replacements are in order.

Yesterday we got our first sashimi knife. It shipped from Japan and only took 3 days to arrive which amazed us. Conveniently for the MB challenge it came in a maroon box. 🔪

A couple of weeks ago during the Elder Scrolls Online free play event I gave the game a try (on PS5). I ended up buying the game during the sale and I’ve been enjoying it even though it turns out I inadvertently skipped the intended initial quests.

Refreshing our potted plants on the back patio is a must every spring

A honeysuckle bloom may not look like much but the way the fragrance permeates a wide area around it marks them as magical.

We have a bunch along the exercise trail - they’re like dessert for the olfactory senses.

Developer double speak: could not be saved but we saved them.

From Halide. It crashes a lot these days

My wife used a union of different yarns in her recent knitting project. It turned out great.

Also Happy Mother’s Day to you and yours.

Our daughter adopted a new hamster today. It is a Syrian and much larger than our others. His name is Yeti and he was in foster care over 6 months. We have a big enough cage but we need larger items to put in it. The gals have gone shopping 🛍.

Learning to park is our daughter’s stumbling block to getting her license.

Palm trees sihouetted against sunset over the Pacific ocean.

Some of you will be amused by this…

My Raspberry Pi display with a representation of earth overlayed by the locations of a few key satellites. Solar weather related data is across the top. The info is useful in understanding current radio propagation as well as for making contact with satellites. 🌍

Roses are red
Violets are blue
My branches are thorny
And so are you 😉

A toolbox full of components used in my experimental projects. This is not my only such toolbox. 😃

It has been a long time since I took a photo with this

Great job @vincent on the new Gluon release! One request re hiding replies. It would be great if there was an indicator whether or not replies existed on a post. Like a little dot or something.

I installed this automatic light switch when our youngest was too short to turn on the bathroom light. The kids are teens now but when it recently broke everyone complained until I replaced it. First world problems…

Watching YouTube vids on the back patio. Life seems good. 👍🏻

We went to a temple site for Songkran today. Mostly to shop for some hard-to-get Thai and Lao foods and plants. This was the first one since Covid started. We didn’t find it nearly as good as in the past and prices were $$$.

I’ve been journaling in DayOne for about 12 years. I think today’s “On This Day” hit a new record of over 20 prior entries. It is nice to be able to do this daily “look back”. ✍️

Our son and I finished the Lego Skywalker Saga storyline. It started off fun but by the end we were pushing to finish it like a bad chore. There were a lot of “what is going on” moments in the last set of episodes along with blocking bugs that required tricks to work around. 👎

After last night’s rain storm this tree decided to bend over and see if it could touch the ground

Just watched the Liverpool v Everton ⚽️ game. Everton’s juvenile approach leaves me hoping they do indeed get relegated. Thanks to their antics there was only 28 minutes of actual play in the first 45 minutes.

On the eve of her senior prom, our daughter’s first hamster passed away. We found a good spot and gave Uno a proper burial tonight. RIP.

Today’s parenting event: at her request I’m helping our now 18 yo daughter open a brokerage account and discussing options for her to start investing. Here’s hoping I can guide her properly