I received a set of Prusament PLA today. I was really fond of the Lipstick Red when I first got one of those earlier this year. But the Royal Blue has my eye now. It is a thing of beauty!

🍷 TIL red wine tastes surprisingly with my wife’s chicken salad

🥀 Ahhh the sweet smell of honeysuckle

🍽️ Eating a Tex Amex platter for dinner. I predict my body will lecture me later…

🛫 Getting ready to drive my wife to the airport. Gonna miss her!


A fairly large turtle by the trail this morning. They’re not rare in general but this is the first time I’ve seen a large one in our area.

🦎 Making like a reptile and soaking up the sun on the back patio

My printer kindly pointing out I neglected to clean the print bed all the way to the edge…

🥣 Eating a bowl of cereal for desert

Mona is my favorite Mastodon client and I’m happy it is coming out of beta. And also very happy Mona has gone with a one-time fee rather than a subscription! mastodon.social/@MonaApp/11027

Aww, this seems so sweet:
“Scientists Taught Pet Parrots to Video Call Each Other—and the Birds Loved It”. From Smithsonian.

Link might be paywalled:

Feeling tempted to get the MK4 printer rather than doing the MK3.9 upgrade. I don’t have room or a need for 2 printers and the MK3S+ can’t be a parts donor for a MK4. Trying to sell the old printer has it’s own set of issues. Hmm. At least there is plenty of time to think about it given the backlogs.

🧰 Working my 3D printer hard today printing random bits of projects. Lots of filament swapping.

We got a new/larger air fryer so tonight we’re doing dinner as an “air fryer challenge”: each picking a random food to cook in the air fryer. We are inordinately excited! 🥘

To reduce countertop clutter I created a pen/pencil holder that attaches to our fridge magnetically next to the grocery list. It was the first time modeling something from scratch where I wasn’t constantly fighting the CAD software. Trivial for most but an accomplishment for me. Model is online https://www.printables.com/model/459657-ma

🍣 Enjoying my wife’s sushi, grilled salmon and some sake

Waves of lovely wispy clouds

It just dawned on me I don’t believe I’ve ever taken a vacation by myself. The closest I’ve come is to tack on a day or two of sightseeing to some business trips. 🤔

No regrest though. I’ve had a lot of fun trips and made new friends along the way.

This. I used to love 1P but since v8 it can only tolerate it mstdn.rknv.cc/@vnkr/1102331050

This new board looks mighty interesting as a sub-$100 SBC. Tons of standard ports and the ability to easily interface with IoT devices. And the OS runs off of eMMC so I don’t have to worry about the SD card dying. I think I’ll get one as I continue to avoid RPi. In stock at DigiKey.

BeagleBoard.org - play beagleboard.org/play

🍷 Prepping to take my wife to dinner at a local wine bar 👍🏼

Today I took a chance printing a figure on my MK3S+ without any supports in spite of Prusaslicer’s warning. It failed about 2/3 done at a point where support was clearly needed. I haven’t played with supports much so seeing exactly where it failed was educational. And now I can manually paint on supports to minimize filament use.

😴 Dozing off on the sofa. Call me grandpa.

We’ve subscribed to Discovery+ for some time. It was low-priced and had some good non-scripted content we enjoyed. Now that it is being consumed by “Max” the price for ad-free viewing is jumping big time and the press release on content mentions none of the shows we like. Another good thing comes to an end.

🍳 Grilling season is in full swing!