The Blue Angels literally flew directly over our house 15 minutes ago. Very very cool experience. Closer than they would be at an air show. I actually had to zoom out to get the formation in frame. πŸ“· ✈️

Things that never happened before:
- A Kona Ice truck stopped in the neighborhood resulting my my wife and teen daugther running outside with joy
- My wife shopped for and ordered clothes online
- My wife also shopped and ordered items from Etsy
Ch ch changes… πŸ’΅

I went to the grocery store for the first time in 2 weeks. That feels like quite an accomplishment since there are 5 of us. It felt like a much calmer experience than before. I suppose the others and I have better adjusted. The good news is there were no shortages.

Big sky with even bigger humidity. It is only about 70F but it felt much warmer (i.e. hot).

I’ve never watched a NASCAR race in my life. However being starved for live sports I might make an exception this month… Ewww

A couple of smart home updates completed this week. First, I replaced all of our Eve brand HomeKit devices with Aqara (faster & more reliable). Then I replaced our Insignia garage door opener adapter with an iSmartGate. Overall fewer frustrations with these.

I set up Pi-Hole on a Pi Zero W. Initially I tested it with just my iPad Pro and saw about 20-25% of DNS queries blocked. A few days ago I made it the default for everything on our home network and the queries blocked is now up to 59.1%. Holy cow poop!

I keep waiting for a review of the new iPad magic keyboard that covers real life usage. Normally I’d go to a store and check it out myself but that’s not an option and the usual cursory reviews just don’t answer the question of how well it works in a whole range of situations.

I’ve been mulling over what thing we might do, or event, that would make it feel like we’ve had a real break from the virus lockdown. I think for us it will be some sort of short road trip. A hotel, some meals out, a museum or something.

Even our dog is tired of the whole virus thing. πŸ• πŸ“·

The 11 yo is entertaining himself by studying game theory and economics. I’m glad he is challenging himself because the ‘home learning’ assignments are far too easy for him. 🧠

At least someone gets to enjoy the pool during the virus lockdown. πŸ¦†

Today we moved our grill and rearranged the furniture on our back patio. Because we’re bored.

With the isolation still in place I can hear birds signing from a couple of blocks away. I think this might be the last weekend where it is this quiet for awhile.

Gotta admit the boredom of ‘stay home’ is really becoming a problem. I don’t I’d do well on the space station.

Another lovely day for early exercise though a bit chilly.

Big sky

Eating a mini-cini on the back porch this morning. Lovely but the background music of a leaf blower could be better. πŸ˜‰

Naive teachers at our high school: “Would you kids like to have a zoom meeting with your classmates so you can checkin and see how everyone is doing?”

Kids’ honest response: Heck no, I see my friends any time I want, for the rest of the class no way I want to see them again.

Living in a tornado πŸŒͺ prone area means having a designated safe room/place. We always joke we will get fat if stranded in ours because it is the same place as our main pantry. Room for 5 people + πŸ•.

It’s an “elevated risk” day per the NWS with spotter activation likely.

Starting to see social media posts from friends in our area that they’ll be returning to their offices in the next few days. They seem comfortable with the idea.

Droplets on a dreary morning. Severe weather expected later today.

Part of our backyard garden in the background. Mostly we grow seasonings for my wife’s excellent cooking. Very convenient especially during the virus crisis. 🌱

The crisis is over. Our grocery store has Peter Pan peanut butter in stock πŸ˜€

My one regret in prepping for the quarantine situation is that I didn’t buy a second Nintendo Switch. We’re all hesitant to use the one we do have in case someone else in the family had plans to use it. 😝 I’m too cheap to pay the inflated prices on eBay, Amazon etc.

I wonder if I’ll buy a Switch later this year “just in case”? Seems extravagant and the PS5 is coming out. Our affinity does lean to Nintendo these days rather than PS4/5. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

I write in a journal virtually every day. With the virus easing off I decided to create a sort of timeline with a one-liner for each day. Nothing deep or personal here, no politics or prose, just basic observations. Massive changes in a tiny time period. Covid day-by-day