I had to run a few errands this morning. Post yesterday’s updated mask guidance from the CDC I could see people were unsure what to do. Some still wore masks, half without, and some carried a mask but then pocketed when they saw some others weren’t masked.

I love a good Manhattan. Sadly mine are generally rather poor. But I tried a different vermouth today and the result was good. Not great but at least good. I shall persevere!

¾ - our daughter got her second Pfizer dose today so that’s 3 out of 4 done. Now the wait for our 12 year old to qualify. A year ago I never would have imagined we’d be able to get safe and effective vaccines so quickly. 🙏

This end up ???

I normally use my AirPods Pro for music. Today I wore them at the coffee shop while I watched a video a person recorded with basic gear from the streets of Japan. I normally just use my iPad speakers. I was shocked at the difference, mainly traffic sounds. I actually had to pause the video twice because it seemed like heavy trucks were driving by the shop. Instead it was from this simple video.

Cortado + seltzer at a local coffee shop.

I’m so glad to be able to do this again. No masks in sight today.

Lovely sky. Taking a break after spreading some top soil.

Chemtrails and a Chinook. Oh no!!!

Note: I don’t believe in chemtrails.

Welp the teenager has a moderate concussion with 2-3 weeks of recovery time. Spent some time today working with the school to relax their rules a bit so she can better self manage how she is doing during classes. E.g. loud places are no bueno.🧠 All seems set.

Annnnnd tonight’s unplanned parental activity: reviewing concussion symptoms and which indicate a trip to the ER is required.

N.B. So far we can stay home and see a Dr tomorrow

After the rains

Current patenting delimma: Our 17 year old is interested in working this summer and after next week she’ll be fully vaccinated so we’re open to it. I started working when I was 15 and it was good for me. But we’re uncertain we can find a place that would be a good experience. 🤔

I ended up buying the new AppleTV rather than just the new remote since the ethernet port on my current one is dead. It is supposed to arrive the week of May 21. Given shipping vagaries “we shall see”.

Our 6th grader’s school requested secret letters to be given on their last day in May. They suggest noting all the joyous memories we’ve had together as well as giving advice for their teenage years. I’m tearing up as I write one now… It’s a very emotional thing for me.😭

I have yet to see Apple’s App Tracking dialog. I did click a link in Safari that opened up the Twitter app which asked me if I wanted personalized ads or ‘crappy irrelevant’ ads (my paraphrasing there!). I took the crappy option which I guess prevented seeing Apple’s dialog.

I truly love unlocking my iPhone while wearing a face mask with the iOS 14.5 update and my watch. I had shortened my passcode during the virus and now I can go back to a longer one. 👍🏻

Since switching to the Magic version of the iPad Pro keyboard I’m surprised at how much I use the trackpad when I could touch the screen instead even if it requires more motion.

Hmm, an Apple Maps car just drove by our house (a white Subaru). Never saw one of those before. Is Apple planning a street view type feature?

I just got an email: Our family physician is now giving Moderna vaccines. Patients have to call in advance to schedule but the email notes patients will soon be able to book an appointment online. I imagine a number of other physicians here are offering this as well.👍🏼 💉

I’ve been hoping our 12 year old could get at least a first Covid vaccine dose before summer. We’d be a bit more relaxed on our planned journeys. But now I’m doubting FDA approval will come soon enough.

The rest of us will have had 2 doses within a couple of weeks. 💉💉

Product-wise the new AppleTV is my first order - mainly due to the clean and much better remote. On the services side Apple Card Family looks very useful as well but that’s pending more details.

Still not interested in M1 Macs until high-end graphic card performance is added.

A bashful flower 🌸

Note petal partly covering the pistil

Wispy with a bit of flare


First time in a very long time: hanging out at a local indie coffee shop on a rainy day getting some work done. ☕️