I’ve done Apple’s new Fitness+ workouts 3 days now and the positive first impression is strengthening. If they’re going to refresh the content as often as they say I think it will be quite easy to stay with it.

It is Christmas gift wrapping night at our home. The resulting giggles and laughter feel like balm for the soul.


This article from Consumer Reports is a useful overview of Apple’s new app store rule. apple.news

How to Use Apple’s Privacy Labels for Apps - Consumer Reports

Let’s just say teaching my teenage daughter to drive isn’t my favorite Covid acitivity 😉 🚙

Mr. Claus aka Santa

I tried a couple of the workouts in Apple’s new Fitness+ service. I really liked them - I had been afraid the content would all be super hard cord but it isn’t. I think my family would love it but… I’m the only one with an Apple Watch. Not keen on Apple’s decision about that.

Mrs Claus says “hi”

A small portion of tonight’s sushi 🍣 Not pictured: sashimi, edamame, sake kama and of course sake to drink.


Uno is a brave hamster. Riding high on a shoulder.

Jarritos Mandarin is my guilty pleasure when we hit the street taco place by our house. So good. But sooo unhealhty. 🌮

I had my physical this week and got the results of the associated blood tests today. There were marked improvements and I’m rather pleased with myself. I’ve really been striving to continue to improve my diet and exercise and some real progress will sure help me stick with it.

Old school indeed.

Also old school exhaust smell.

I had put my browsing through the Discover section on hold to keep political noise to a healthy-for-me limit. This week I remembered to stroll down Discover lane and it’s been a real pleasure finding new folks to follow.

Sign of the times: in the face of ever rising Covid cases and hospitalizations in our area I finally gave up doing grocery shopping. I placed an order at our preferred grocers yesterday and picked it up this morning. Darned convenient and everything was correct/well-chosen. 👍🏼

Made by our son’s loving hands when he was but a wee lad. 🎄

Moving day.

We decided our teenage daughter could have her gaming PC in her room and today is the day we moved it, the desk and sundry extras upstairs. The main reason was to free up the downstairs room to be my wife’s sewing room aka she cave. 😉 They’re both happy. 👍🏼

Not Charlie Brown’s

In other news: Battlebots is back!

Our HS junior daughter had told me the at-home learners were holding back progress of the in-person students as teachers tried to keep the cohorts on the same pace. Which was failing. Today the district notified us at-home learners with poor grades or absenteeism will be forced to the in-person option for the rest of the academic year. Fortunately our in-person kids are doing great. From what I hear the poor performance of at-home learners is widespread.

No real snowmen in sight for our area 🙁

When dinosaurs attack

All sides of the exterior of this building have these large dinosaur outlines. You won’t be surprised to learn they build giant animatronic dinosaurs.

Chillin with a a friend

In the good news/bad news category. Bad news first: several of our son’s cohorts attended a gathering over Thanksgiving and are now quarantining w/1 positive. Good news: the case was discovered before school reopened after the break so they didn’t bring it into the school.