At 7:23AM sharp my son and I head out of the house to walk to his school bus stop.

We’re both of the “if you’re not early you’re late” variety.

The majority of the time our dining room table is used for anything but dining.

At present it is the lab table for our Lego Robot Inventor projects.

Our daughter starts college next year so I did the parental FASFA application this morning. More of a PITA than it needed to be because their email and SMS account verification was borked. Finally got it finished though.

iPhone after dark

Just after midnight, iPhone 12 night mode doing it’s thing with the sky.

After crushing up some of these dried Thai chili peppers you most definitely do not want to touch your eye.

Advice for contact wearers. 😊

I’m really loving the way iOS 15 can save up non-urgent notifications and show them to me at a time I specify. It is awesome.👍🏼

NBC Universal and YoutubeTV are in contract dispute with the usual threats to yank 14 channels from YTTV. Youtube says they’ll drop their price by $10 if that happens. NBC just happens to own Comcast/Xfinity which is a direct competitor to YTTV. 🤔 📺 I think I don’t care.

I read Asimov’s Foundation trilogy as a teen and heard positive reviews of Apple’s TV series. I thought the first episode was well done but I didn’t care for the second much. I’d probably like it more if I didn’t remember the original. I found my book and am now re-reading it.📖

My wife continues to be vexed: I can sit on the back patio for hours and never be bothered. But if she goes outside for 5 minutes she’ll end up with multiple mosquito bites.

Phase 1 of robot build complete. It is autonomously mobile. Arms on schedule for tomorrow.

“Here comes the sun…” 🎶 Made radio contact with Australia at >9,000 miles this AM and this afternoon I made a contact in South Africa also >9,000 miles. The sun is being kind today.

Thanks to the recent increase in solar activity I was finally able to make a HF radio contact to Australia this morning. Just over 9,000 miles. One more country checked off ✅

In a similar vein to your crows, these two vultures (?) alighted on our fence as I sat on the back patio. It was rather disconcerting - they were larger than they seem in my crummy photo. They’re an unusual sight here. @cheri 🦅

It’s the little things: I updated my iPadOS to 15 and went straight into the Home app to name my automations. A slight increase in peace for my little brain😊. Almost makes up for the “what happened to my widgets” reaction.

Ruffles have ridges.

So does the sky.

Morning rays - lovely.

It was 100F yesterday. Today a “cold” front is coming through and it will be nearly 20 degrees cooler.

Out 12 year old wants to program some robots in Python. So I splurged on the Lego Mindstorms Robot Inventor kit. A bit pricey but if it works well then it is a decent value. There is a lot it should be able to do.

I usually ignore iOS betas since features sometimes disappear along the way leaving me confused when it actually releases. Virtually none of the new features at the top of the list interest me. My interests are in the bottom half.

This morning’s agenda: EPL ⚽️ followed by NCAA 🏈

The Dell ultrabook we ordered for our 17 y/o daughter arrived today and I set it up. Part of the reason we bought Dell is it has relatively little bloatware pre-installed. But a McAfee web “tool” that snoops everything you browse took 30 minutes to track down and remove. 💻

Well Apple put on a high quality event again today. Pretty fast moving. But nothing influences me much. An always-on watch is still what I hope to buy next.

With the increase in Apple Watch size I wonder if I can go with a smaller one next time? Even the current one seems a bit big on my wrist.

When the iPhone 12 came out, we didn’t plan to upgrade from our 2 year old iPhones. But AT&T offered a great deal. We’ve been happy with the iPhone 12 so I don’t think we’ll upgrade this year. I am keenly interested in an always-on watch. Either a S6 on sale or this year’s model

The summer has been cooler than normal so our Thai chili peppers are coming late in the season. But they’re producing in quantity now with lots more to come. We’re grateful because we use these a lot!🌶

9/11 is the most memorable day of my life that didn’t involve an immediate family member. The world, not just the US, changed for the worse. I’m thankful to those whose ongoing vigilance helps keep us safe®. Lest evil prevail. 🇺🇸