Ugh, looks like the sewer line out of our house is clogged. This would happen with +5 house guests 😠. Waiting now for a rescue plumber.

Thanks to the magic of a remote control DSLR we got some great 12 unit family photos just now. Perfect weather. Now for our seafood boil feast.

Up early this morning and I can confirm having an extra 7 people living in our house is definitely “cozy”. Also quite chaotic because the younger ones are constantly going out: biking, skating, shopping, more shopping, and a late night at a PC gaming cafe.

This morning’s sky made a good start to my exercise run

While moving mastodon servers today I decided to also sign up for Haven’t yet figured out the ‘status’ part Ron Guest at

Since is shutting down I am shifting to, same name ‘ronguest’. I imported my relevant settings but so far the “move” operation won’t proceed - it complains there is no alias even though there is. Hopefully time will heal this wound.

We’re headed for a hectic weekend. My wife’s birthday is next week and 7 of her relatives are coming to help celebrate. We’ll have 12 people sleeping in our home so it’s going to be cozy! I suspect I’ll be ready to crash by the time the last one leaves.

I was pretty surprised to get an email from Sony telling me they were sending me an invitation to buy a PS5. Because they sent me an invitation over a year ago which is how we bought our PS5. 🤷‍♂️

All I have to do is start this podcast and our 13 year old son immediately stops what he is doing to listen. The “Supermassive Podcast” by the Royal Astronomical Society is so well done.

Nature, looking up.

TFW your exercise resistance band snaps: OUCH!

A bunch of small clouds this morning. They’re usually white but today were rather dark.

As an owner of one of those older iPad Pros I think this is good news. Assuming it stops being buggy.

Apple backtracks, will extend Stage Manager multitasking support to older iPads - Ars Technica

It’s hoodie weather! Well at least it was 58F this morning when I went out to exercise. But the high will be near 90F so the hoodie won’t last for long.

Our kitchen drawers need better organization but none of the pre-made organizers fit well so I’m thinking of creating some myself. I don’t think it would be difficult but I like proper tools. Probably going to give it a try anyway. 🪵

My wife and I are now bi. Bivalent that is. We switched from team Moderna to team Pfizer hoping for reduced side effects. 💉👊🏼

I’ve been getting warnings from Twilio for months that the API I’ve use to send SMS messages was going away. I kept putting off looking at it because API changes are a PITA. Sat down to look at the details just now and it was trivial. Took all of 10 minutes to modify and test.👍🏻

A few days ago I bought Immortals Fenyx Rising on sale for our PS5. It definitely has a Zelda BotW feel and in some aspects is better/less frustrating. Rather humorous too. My son and I are each engaged in fun playthroughs and I think many hours will be invested.🎮

We’ve had a few days with a morning low in the 60s and reasonable humidity. Summer’s back has been broken. Also, the sky was truly lovely. The combination really had me stepping up my pace. 🏃‍♂️

I’m really into this new “now play” screen on iOS 16. Much more usable. And I don’t recall it matching the color of the background to the album art like this before.

Huge first during Apple’s announcement stream today.

I fell asleep shortly after it started and didn’t wake up until the iPhone Pro portion. 💤

This view of the Tarantula Nebula is amazing!
A Cosmic Tarantula, Caught by NASA’s Webb - NASA

I installed a Schlage Encode Plus smart deadbolt this morning. The family is already in love with the thing. Sooo much faster and reliable than our old Level deadbolt. 👍🏼

So it turns out one of our 13 yo son’s teachers was investigated in April but not charged. More info was recently uncovered and now he is in jail and indicted on 2 counts of indecency with a child with sexual contact. These kids are 12 and 13 years old. WTF. So many degenerates. Have to have one of those conversations with our son after school. 🤬

My wife and I are very heavy iPad Pro users. I really wish Apple would introduce a new version next month. I can wish, right?