If I post a photo to MB with alt text is that included in my cross-post to Mastodon? I’m trying to verify it is but having some (probably user error) trouble.

I fequently see this armadillo on my morning runs. I recently discovered where its den as well.

Aramdillo grazing in the grass

I moved the prior Apple TV to another room and that did not go smoothly. The ATV wouldn’t display. I eventually swapped HDMI cables and it worked but couldn’t enable Dolby Vision with any cable. Moved ATV HDMI from receiver direct to TV and voila (old cable worked again) 2/2

I got the newest Apple TV w/thread support replacing a prior gen. They weren’t lying about performance. The Ethernet port delivers on nearly the full gigabit of our fiber to the home. Of course it won’t ever use that speed watching videos. ½

Photo of speedtest result nearly 1GB

My iPad Pro is 4 years old and at times the responsiveness of things like spotlight searches is pretty poor. It’s testing my patience since it is my main computing device. Contemplating a Christmas purchase. 😉

Someone made some mischief last night place a cone on a conical trail sign.

It’s an orange traffic cone on top the sign.

We don’t get a lot of fall color in our area so I enjoyed seeing this lovely tree after dawn.

The USPS was supposed to deliver an important package today. The tracking info says it was delivered but it wasn’t. It’ll probably show up eventually, I suppose, but in the mean time I feel stress over it. It’s made worse by the fact there is no way to get them to track it down.

Dawn’s early light

As good as smartphone cameras are these days they still can’t capture the subtle pastels of a dawn sky

After the rain

For the numbers people, 1” of rain specifically 😉

For the US peeps, reminder that it is time to vote in the so-called mid-term election. It’s more important than ever to participate. 🇺🇸

Our local Japanese market has been on a run of bringing in products from Hokkaido. I picked this up today and it was great. Highly recommended if you like chocolate.

Yggdrasil tree, but for robot overlords

My son was immersed in a Nintendo Switch game so I finally tried Sony’s PS Remote Play app on my iPad, using a PS4 controller. I was really impressed. Assassins Creed was very playable. I wouldn’t really want to do a main boss fight but it was great for everything else.🎮

Sometimes the small wins make you feel good. Weighed myself after our road trip and I only gained a half pound.👍🏼

A few images from the Pea Ridge National Military Park (U.S. National Park Service)

We visited the Pea Ridge National Military Park and it was very impressive and entertaining. The experience really helped lay out the progress of battle and the scale of movement. The associated driving tour has multiple stops with explanatory videos. Also it is lovely👍🏼👍🏼

Me as dad planning a family trip: “Hmm, need to find multiple activities every day to keep us all entertained.”

Kids: “We just want to lay around in the hotel room!”

I’m traveling with the family so away from news. I learned Apple made product announcements today when I got an email from WaterField Designs for a M2 iPad Pro case…

I’ll be curious to see if Stage Manager is usable on my old iPad Pro. If not I might upgrade to a M series.

In spite of it being rather cold and windy we had a fun day hiking several trails. Highs in the 40s tomorrow will probably drive us indoors.

Hmm. Oklahoma?

A Day in the Life photo challenge

Allen, Texas October 14 7:28am (CDT)

This is where you’ll find me almost every day at 7:30am getting my exercise in after seeing my son off to the school bus.

Midnight trash marauder (aka raccoon)

We’ve lived here 16 years and for the first time ever wildlife got into our large outdoor trashcan and made a bit of a mess. After seeing the footprints on top of the trashcan I had a pretty good idea but I took a look at the security cam which confirms it: a very large raccoon.

Our +7 house guests have all gone now. My wife and I did countless loads of laundry and some cleaning. A bit exhausted TBH. Hopefully this ensures a good night’s sleep 🥱