I just got an email: Our family physician is now giving Moderna vaccines. Patients have to call in advance to schedule but the email notes patients will soon be able to book an appointment online. I imagine a number of other physicians here are offering this as well.👍🏼 💉

I’ve been hoping our 12 year old could get at least a first Covid vaccine dose before summer. We’d be a bit more relaxed on our planned journeys. But now I’m doubting FDA approval will come soon enough.

The rest of us will have had 2 doses within a couple of weeks. 💉💉

Product-wise the new AppleTV is my first order - mainly due to the clean and much better remote. On the services side Apple Card Family looks very useful as well but that’s pending more details.

Still not interested in M1 Macs until high-end graphic card performance is added.

A bashful flower 🌸

Note petal partly covering the pistil

Wispy with a bit of flare


First time in a very long time: hanging out at a local indie coffee shop on a rainy day getting some work done. ☕️

My daughter let me know she doesn’t have to go to school tomorrow (due to at-home learners going in for testing). I was able to snag the last appointment tomorrow for the Pfizer vaccine at the nearest hub that administers them. Availability sure has improved. 💉

I’m finding it very difficult to plan a road trip with our son given some places we want to visit are still closed and others require an advance ticket (which can be hard to get). We usually just set out and play it by ear. Instead I think we’ll have to have a rigid schedule. 😖

It’s a glorious day for some patio time. Being in Texas we have to cherish these before the summer heat sets in.

I built a spice/condiment rack on my wife’s outdoor potting bench/cooking station. Pictured with and without her charcoal hibachi and sterno grills. This bench sits next to our Weber grill.

Chores all morning. Now being lazy in perfect weather.

My wife and I bought, loaded in the car, unloaded and set in place 800 pounds of pavers. 💪

We’re not athletic - we’re gonna feel it for the next several days. 😣

I got a 12.9” iPad Magic Keyboard to replace the original design. I was surprised the new design makes my iPad screen look better! Raising the iPad about an inch along with the black color vs ugly grey of the original makes a surprising difference. Glad I treated myself one.

After the ‘big freeze’ we expected to lose some plants. Over 20 shrubs out front are clearly dead. At first we thought our trees were OK but one of our 5 live oaks still clings to its dead leaves and hasn’t a single green sprout on it. The others are full of green. 🌳😢

We all went to the patio after Easter dinner for a nice chat and chill time together followed by the kids doing a duet of the song 1, 2, 3. A great end to the most important day on our calendar. Perfect weather for it too. Feet up! 🧦

Now with some furniture and the grill out. Not seen: potting bench.

Lots of landscape work and sod needed next. 🌸 🌺 Garden, also not seen, is off to a great start. 🪴

Our new back patio is ready for use. We assembled our new patio furniture today and will set everything out tomorrow. The furniture was easy. Breaking down all…the…cardboard for recycling aged me 😂 Next up is to refresh the landscaping.

Damn this sheningans is pervasive. Everyone is in on monetizing users.

ACLU, a defender of digital privacy, reveals that it shares user data with Facebook - Fortune

Yesterday I assembled a cabinet+ironing board furniture combo and then a new sewing table for my wife’s she-cave. Tomorrow I have a set of patio furniture to put together. Guess which one I’ll enjoy more…

Question: For anyone who switched from a gen 1 iPad Pro keyboard (12.9”) to the new ‘floating’ version: what has been the downside of the new design / what do you miss about the old version? I’m thinking of upgrading…

It just dawned on me that under Texas rules our teenage daughter can get a Covid vaccine. Doesn’t seem right to sign her up yet though. Not sure. She does want to work this summer.💉

One complaint I often hear non-users have against ProtonMail is it is only “safe” when sending to other PM users. Here’s a reminder how to send an encrypted message to a non PM user.

Encrypt Message for Non-ProtonMail Recipients

My wife got her Moderna dose #1 today and didn’t feel like a meal so I ate out with our 12 y/o son. Dinner topic: the properties and use of hydrogen.

Photo: a very well done Manhattan. 🍸

Today’s project: stain, seal and then assemble a potting workbench for my better half. She likes it so I’m happy 😃

N.B. We’re keeping it inside a couple of days until the backyard work is finished. 🪴