A multi-color Easter egg with some candy for my wife. Based on 3DPrintBunny’s model and printed using Amolen dual color filament. My wife was pleased.👍🏼 thangs.com/designer/3dprintbun

I made a thing. It is a holder I mount in the garage to keep some tools handy.

My first time imagining something and creating it in CAD software. I used OnShape after seeing a video demo. I’ve tried using Fusion 360 to create things a few times and always gave up. I also found frustrations with OnShape due to my ignorance but I could overcome those.

I’m really happy with how this articulated dragon turned out. I used Amolen’s dual color filament (red & gold). Maybe not good as a fidget because it is a bit spiky but it articulates very well.

Big news at our local Japanese grocery store. Their small section of gashapon machines is greatly expanding starting tomorrow. Our 19 year old daughter is gonna love this. 🇯🇵

My workout buddy is cooler than yours!

Our friendly neighborhood armadillo briefly paced me trotting between the path and fence before ducking out on me. Slacker 😉

Thanks @ericschabell for the cool Chronosphere swag. That’s a great looking T-Shirt and I already have plans for the stickers. 🍻


Before and after photos of a simple print using Prusament Clear PETG. The one on the left is a total mess and on the right is in good shape. The difference? Drying the filament for a couple of hours. Note it was stored in a vacuum sealed bag with desiccant which obviously wasn’t good enough.

I just love this infill pattern

More signs of spring! The Texas redbuds are lovely when they burst into bloom but sadly only last a week or so. The rest of the year they’re scrawny.

Posted later due to DDOS

Spring has sprung

From the “sounds great but ain’t” files. Urgent care said they could give my my Rx while there, no need to go the pharmacy. Sounded great. Turns out they have this vending machine that spits it out after you talk to a pharmacy tech and pharmacist. 30 minutes later my Rx finally came out. Could have gone to the pharmacy faster.

These squares are very short but I don’t think this filament roll is gonna make it. Standing by to do a quick swap.

I installed PrusaSlicer 2.6 yesterday and enabled Organic (aka tree) supports. The supports are really lovely in structure. And as advertised are very effective and trivial to remove. I printed this yesterday using the default supports and getting them off was a real pain.

The is for a Samsung T5 and enables me to hang it off the back of my iMac.

I’m really happy with the way this Pi Pico case turned out using Prussament Clear PETG. I wasn’t sure I had much use for clear but this has changed my mind.

Yesterdays’ webcam stand looked like a spool of thread so I quickly made a new on in TinkerCAD. Still functional and looks a bit better. Random seams in evidence.

In my dream this happens: I create a post on iOS, hit a button, and it magically goes to both Mastodon and github pages with proper formatting (text and photos).

There are pieces of a solution but I have’t found a complete one.

This quick webcam stand I modeled and printed for use with Octoprint does the job though without elegance (I have yet to learn to design). By accident when printing this with a 6mm nozzles the result looks remarkably like a spool of thread.

Someday I will learn to use Fusion 360 or FreeCAD or etc. Someday…

How astute of you iOS

Well good morning! After 4 days of freezing temps and all that this was a welcomed sight.

I printed this Raspberry Pi 4 case that mounts directly to the frame of my Prusa MK3S+. The case was really well designed and mounted to existing M3 holes in the frame perfectly. Printed using Hatchbox PETG. 👍🏼

Long overdue print of tool storage for my 3D printer area. Saves space and aggravation.

I have a series of storage bins planned but I’m waiting on a E3D 0.6mm nozzle to arrive (will save a lot of time).

The articulated shark turned out well, shown here attacking an octopus 🐙 My Prusa MK3S+ kit is cranking out all kinds of prints without a care in the world.

All Gummies have been consumed!

Prusa kit builders know what this means. I finished building my MK3S+ kit and it passed the self test right away. Here is the obligatory first logo print. The build was a challenge but a fair one. I’m so happy with my decision to switch. 😁😎

I had thought I might finish putting the printer together today but ended up well short. I ran out of gas and decided to call a halt until tomorrow. Weekend build here I come!

Rather fond of the dawn sky