ma ma ma my mamatus… ☁️

Hamburger tacos in process. 😋😋

The sky above me. Quite a pleasant evening out back.

Well dayum this isn’t good. We were chilling watching 24-in-24 on YouTubeTV when the AppleTV popped up a “you’ve been logged out” message in the middle of the screen. This was followed by some chaos geting a personal device authenticated and with a new password. Most time-consuming was having to redo all app-specific passwords. I haven't seen this mentioned on my general feeds but others are reporting it on the MacRumors forum.

I hope no damage was done!🤞🏻🤞🏻

I’ve been wanting to try the fuzzy option in PrusaSlicer and finally remembered and had a model to try it on. The left object is without and the one on the right is with the fuzzy option enabled. Both are printed with the same Amolen Silk PLA gradient filament. The color variation is random.

I really like the fuzzy version: both its appearance and the way it feels in the hand. And it hides seams well.

Here is one of the more unusual phone photos I got just post-eclipse. Not a good photo but I find it interesting nonetheless.

Quick phone shot of corona

We went crazy and bought an automated bread maker (Zojirushi). I was a bit skeptical but our first loaf (white bread) turned out amazing. Even the kids and in-law were impressed. I wanted to make a wheat loaf today too but it turns out we lacked one ingredient.

My adventure in using flex filament continued today. I found this simple model for holding 1/4” screwdriver bits:

This is a great use of a flex filament because the holes are small enough to snugly hold the bits and at the same time the flex makes them easy to remove.

My previous 3D benchy didn't want to release from the satin PEI sheet so I used textured for this print. It lost adhesion at about 4mm height so I added a brim which worked well.

I bought some Fiberlogy 40D flexible filament for my first attempt at Flex. I used PrusaSlicer’s builtin preset and printed it on my MK4 w/o input shaping. Most of it turned out well and the bow area has a nice flex. The surface has a nicer feel than PLA or PETG. But there is a a defect on the front. I think the angle was too much for the filament or preset. Also the text “3D Benchy" on the stern is less clear. (½)

Hamburger tacos in process…

Can you solve the mystery?

Periodically this watch face shows up on my Apple Watch, it usually shows up midday. I like it. But I didn’t create it and I cannot find it in the Watch gallery. And it only shows up on the watch face for a quite short period of time before disappearing as silently as it arrived.

Do you know the source of this face? ⌚️

Laying out on our back patio sofa and this is my view. The weather this month has been crazy warm in the 70F and even up in the 80s. Normally February is our most wintry month. Not complaining though. It is so much easier to be active in this weather.

“I want to be a pizza box.”

Our 19 year old daughter bought me this. Show must know and love me 😆

It’s an Ember mug which keeps coffee/tea warm. The temperature is programmable and the mug rechargable. What a cool gift.

Well, I’ve never seen a heat sink held on my zip ties… Hopefully there is some thermal paste under there (the NVME SSD).

Picture from inside my new Linux mini PC.

Kuhl makes my favorite t-shirts. I needed to order a few more and was delighted to find they included a nice bar of dark chocolate with my order. Nom!

I think this angel figure looks nifty printed using Amolen’s dual color silk PLA.

I will never come closer to using up the last of a filament spool than this! Top right you can see about 1” of filament remaining when the model finished.

This 3D puzzle kept us very busy this past week. We’re all relieved it is finally finished.

So far I am not a fan of Polymaker PLA… None of my 6 other brands does this. Hoping to hear back from their support team. Nice color though.

My son and I have played a number of EXIT games and enjoy the challenge. We recently learned they have one based on an Advent calendar so naturally we did day 1’s riddle today. It was a fun start - 23 more to go!

My top genres per Apple Music. Yes, this is me. 🎶
* Dance
* Electronic
* Pop
* Dubstep
* House

I switched from a 27” iMac to a M2 Mac mini freeing a ton of desk space. Taking the theme further I decided to put my Prusa MK4 to work so I could mount the M2 to the side of a bookshelf with the cable side up. I like the result.
N.B. I ended up mounting a BMAX, gigabit switch, antenna switch and DC power distribution block to my bespoke bookshelf as well.

Paws, really?

WTH are chicken paws?

First time seeing them called paws instead of feet. Is this supposed to be a marketing trick?