Dawn sky

Stopped to pick up some BBQ ribs to go. About 15 minutes later we were driving through very heavy rain. πŸ“· Oh, the ribs were great! πŸ‘πŸΌ

Chalk art from the exercise trail this morning. Particularly poignant for us atm.

While exercising I noticed some critter has created a home. I haven’t figured out what sort of hidey-hole this is.

A glorious sight first thing this morning while out exercising. πŸ“· β˜€οΈ ☁️

My wife and I went out to eat for the first time since the virus hit. We went early so we would be comfortable social distancing would be easy to accomplish. It worked out well and we enjoyed having time together outside the house to chat.

For the first time since the virus hit my wife and I went out to dinner. For our anniversary. We are socially distanced. 🍴 🍸

Best Buy had the Nintendo Switch Labo starter kit for $20 on sale last week so I took the plunge. We spent the whole afternoon putting together parts of the kit and playing the included games. Pretty good value so far. Can’t wait to use it with Zelda BOTW.

When I went to bed last night the whiteboard was blank. Awoke to find some sort of Kirby drawing frenzy took place. I’ll be curious to hear the story when the family wakes up.

View from our back patio tonight.

Hidey hole

After the rains πŸ“· ☁️ β˜€οΈ πŸŒ‰

I got my latest Field Notes purchases today. I really love the unique Deader Prints special edition notebooks. The Bellroy pencil case is sweet too. It was time to treat myself a little.

This morning’s sky: big sun, ribbon of cloud, tiny balloon. πŸ“· β˜€οΈβ˜οΈ 🎈

I wear this hat when I go out to exercise hoping it sends a “stay 6’ away or I’ll be triggered” message.

Probably people just think I must be a grumpy person. 😊

Sunshine on a cloudy day πŸ“·

Peace. πŸ“·

The Blue Angels literally flew directly over our house 15 minutes ago. Very very cool experience. Closer than they would be at an air show. I actually had to zoom out to get the formation in frame. πŸ“· ✈️

Big sky with even bigger humidity. It is only about 70F but it felt much warmer (i.e. hot).

Even our dog is tired of the whole virus thing. πŸ• πŸ“·

At least someone gets to enjoy the pool during the virus lockdown. πŸ¦†

Another lovely day for early exercise though a bit chilly.

Big sky

Eating a mini-cini on the back porch this morning. Lovely but the background music of a leaf blower could be better. πŸ˜‰

Droplets on a dreary morning. Severe weather expected later today.

Part of our backyard garden in the background. Mostly we grow seasonings for my wife’s excellent cooking. Very convenient especially during the virus crisis. 🌱