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Now that’s a paint job!

N.B. It is not a functional car but a purpose-built structure for the art project.

I had no idea Apple was still using the old Mac OS smiling logo (been 6 years since I bought a Mac). For some reason this made me feel rather happy.

Seen on the box of my new MBP.

Harbingers. First of many to come. πŸ“·

Attracted to the light like moths to a flame.

I’ll be there soon myself to pick up a new laptop.

Still. Very. Green.

No filters or edits…

Yesterday was full of rain and storms. Today it is beautifully clear and the trees and fields are bursting forth. So. Much. Green. πŸ“·

It’s an indoor kind of day with multiple rain storms passing from the south. I built a new weather alert device for the family this week and these storms have been perfect for testing it as waves of alerts come and go.

I think someone snuck in the house last night and replaced my MBP with Windows OS.

Been staring at this in-progress update for an hour with no movement. Not a productive start to the day.

We just went through a 30 minute hailstorm. Never been in one that long. The hail ranged in size from 3/4” to 1 1/2”. The cars parked outside lost their windshields. Fortunately ours are in the garage and no broken windows. Claim filled and roofer contacted. Fingers crossed.

Current status: Onigoroshi

It was a beautiful day on the trail today. Surprised it was so deserted. Spring weather here is off to a great start.

Happy spring everyone!

From 10 years ago today.

Good morning!

Found a good home for my new Drafts sticker. Excited for its macOS release in the very near future.

One advantage of taking the kids to school each morning is seeing lovely sunrises πŸŒ… πŸ“·

No act of kindness is too small… β˜•οΈ

Harbinger I’ve gotten outside for exercise a few times this year but today felt different - being outdoors has gone from a rare treat to an expected norm. Just in time for spring which I believe starts Wednesday.

A Walk In The Gardens - With Pink And Blue Horses!

Started out chilly but by the time we were done we had peeled off our layers. It is still a bit early in the year so flowers were lacking but we got a good 3 mile walk in.

Night linesπŸ“·

From the window seat β˜€οΈ ☁️ πŸ“·

Current location: Buc-ees.

Working on our 10 year old son’s costume for his speech at school.

I can no longer say I’ve never had avocado toast. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

Ever since it came out I’ve been using the Jayson iOS app (you know, for looking at JSON files). All the basic features are free and the app has worked perfectly for me on a ton of different sources. Productivity++ viewing JSON on my iPad while coding on my MBP.

Jayson app

At the high school Performing Arts Center. But for a parent meeting not a performance. Super deluxe with loge seating.

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