A small bit of moon shortly after dawn. The colors were amazing. 🌕

The golden path of autumn 🍂

Life and death in one. 🌸

I assembled the 3DSets.com Landy this morning. Per their Printables post this is a nearly 64 hour print. I used a MK4 so it was a bit less. Pretty cool model and I appreciate them making it available for free.


I opened a new package of Hatchbox white PLA and put it in my dryer for 2 hours. The first print was covered in pock marks. Thinking it might still be wet I did 2 cycles of 6 hour drying and printed again. The pock marks were more widespread but the result is still an unusable print. Subsequent prints using other PLA were fine. I ordered it >30 days ago and I wonder if they’ll stand behind the product. If not, bye bye HB.

I had the parts on hand so I built a quarter-wave antenna for my FOSS TinyGS (satellite ground station).

I deployed the antenna on a post in the backyard, now to see how well it performs. The SWR and Smith charts look very good but real world performance has a mind of its own.

I also used parts on hand to build a battery+solar panel charger for the TinyGS. It tested out OK but for now the actual Lora board is powered from mains.


I think the Doctor Strange Bust model posted by iczfirz https://www.printables.com/model/59079-doc turned out great (though it did require a few organic supports). My teenage son immediately added it to his collection in his bedroom.

Just finished the 3dsets.com Sandy Mini included with my Prusa MK4. Really happy with it. It took a couple of days of printing to complete.

Filaments: Prusament Royal Blue for the body, Lipstick Red for the seats, Eryone Matte Black for the tires, Hatchbox Silver and Black for the rest.

With the arrival of my MK4 I decided to create a revised holder for 3D related printing tools. This is a compact model that holds 11 different tools. It’s not specific to the MK4. I’ve posted it to Printables if you’re interested: https://www.printables.com/model/522010-pr.

Looking forward to setting this up tomorrow. And eating some Haribo in the process. 😋

Twas a lovely sky shortly after dawn

I love this sunrise

Oh oh 😬 Looks like the filament remaining estimate was wrong. The print has 30 minutes left to go and I don’t think this is gonna cut it. I already ordered more and it is supposed to be delivered within 2 hours. Now I’m wondering if the printer will wait that long before giving up?

Created a bespoke tool storage for my 3D printer stuff. Really liking the Prusament Galaxy black.

Made some changes to my Prusa MK3S+ and needed a test print. Went with the heavy metal Groot using Amolen wood filament. 👍🏼

I’ve long wanted a good place to keep my calipers and ruler on my desk. My nascent CAD skills finally reached the point I could take a cut at designing a desktop holder. A place to store those as well as a couple of reference rules.


As a complete CAD noob I managed to design a case for my clock (based on a feather board and TFT). It was a challenge and took quite some time even though a simple concept. But it did force me to learn to do some things so that’s a win. I even published the design on Printables https://www.printables.com/model/487143-cl. Now I need a nap🤣

Not a good evening. We got hit by golf ball sized hail which took out one of our front windows. Blew glass throughout the room. It also shattered the back window on our daughter’s car and of course dented the body. Already called a roofer and started our insurance claims. At least it wasn’t a tornado.🤷🏻‍♂️

I’ve had my Prusa MK3S+ for 3 months and done over 13 days of print time. Just now got around to printing the ubiquitous Benchy. It was a good test of the Prusament Opal Green.

I received a set of Prusament PLA today. I was really fond of the Lipstick Red when I first got one of those earlier this year. But the Royal Blue has my eye now. It is a thing of beauty!


A fairly large turtle by the trail this morning. They’re not rare in general but this is the first time I’ve seen a large one in our area.

My printer kindly pointing out I neglected to clean the print bed all the way to the edge…

To reduce countertop clutter I created a pen/pencil holder that attaches to our fridge magnetically next to the grocery list. It was the first time modeling something from scratch where I wasn’t constantly fighting the CAD software. Trivial for most but an accomplishment for me. Model is online https://www.printables.com/model/459657-ma

Waves of lovely wispy clouds

It is in the mid 60F’s and our back patio is a glorious place to be