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Depending on how you look at it, I’m either starting the day off right, or completely wrong. ☕️ 🍩

“We escaped by managing our emotions”

Our 10 year old’s camp this week is Escape Room challenges. When I picked him up yesterday his team’s photo was taped to the door frame. Turns out they were the first place team. Monday’s rooms included a Fixed Mind vs Growth Mind theme.

At lunch today, my wife and I made our periodic 1 hour run to our favorite BBQ place in the countryside. We love their ribs and the homemade taste and style of the sides. The drive in the quiet of the countryside is a definite bonus. 📷 🚙

Here are a couple of photos from the back of the STEAM center. There is a large pond with a pavilion set up for teaching. The classrooms on the back side overlook the pond, trees and pavilion. We counted 4 classrooms dedicated to Aquatic Science! 2/2

Even though it was a bit hot, we decided to stop at the new high school STEAM center after eating Mexican food and walk around it. Love the entrance design. 📷 ½

In today’s good news, I don’t need a root canal 🦷 📷 Hooray!

Saw this unusually clear demarcation of the cloud line this morning while exercising. I usually associate this sight with a front moving through but there’s nothing going on and surface winds are dead calm. This line was stationery during my whole workout. 📷 ⛅️

The vanguard of our neighborhood July 4th parade rounding the corner by our house. It’s a couple blocks long in total. 📷 🇺🇸🧨

Flag lined boulevard outside our hotel window today. 🇺🇸 💥

Utopian Experiments in Southern Iowa 📷 ✍️

Not in Chicago or even in Illinois but they’re big Cubs fans here.

A small bar in small town Merica. Which happened to have a great range of food and great service. 🇺🇸 🍻

My BH enjoying herself as we took a walk after breakfast this morning. Pretty scenic for an in-town area. I’m a blessed man.

We sat in front of our hotel after breakfast for a bit taking in the nice weather and watching life go by. Periodically a person clearly dressed up for business would exit the hotel waiting for the valet or Lyft. Gives me the momentary urge to rejoin that lifestyle. But, nah!

A different sort of view from tonight’s hotel window.

The terrain here is pretty darn flat with only a couple of distant plateaus breaking up the horizon. Still we are enjoying watching the evening quietly pass by. The song Peaceful Easy Feeling is coming to mind.

On day 1 of our parent-only road trip I enjoyed one of these - a well made old fashioned with a single giant ice cube. 🥃 Our hotel room feels twice as big without the kids and 5 times as quiet. But of course we miss them. A bit. 😉

Learning to ride a Segway at the Science Museum

I had let myself get lazy about exercising the past week. Yesterday I finally broke the spell and was greeted with a lovely sky. 📷 ⛅️

What makes a good Old Fashioned great? When it costs $3.

Cheapest I’ve ever had by far for a full-sized, full-strength version.

You can’t beat a Science Museum that occupies a 10 year old for a full day - plus has amazing climbing towers like these.

Per the Guiness Book of World Records certificate, this guy’s head is the largest fossil ever found. Who says everything’s bigger in Texas? 🦕 📷

Hello sauroposeidon

Storms are moving through. Our house has a window seat that’s about 7 feet long with a comfy cushion. It’s a favorite spot to watch the world go by or sneak a nap.

A little fun at the local arcade after school yesterday. We decided to give the kids a treat since our son finished his standardized tests this week and our daughter has her finals next week. Air hockey is always a favorite.

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