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A different kind of school choice is looming. What should we do? Will it further disadvantage special needs and kids with poor learning environments at home?

The school district let us know yesterday morning that parents will be able to opt for traditional at-school learning or a home learning program this fall. I think for planning purposes they're trying to get a feel for how many people already know they will opt for the home option.

We strongly believe attendance at school is best for both of our kids. The district assured us that unlike this past spring, at-home learning will have full rigor, content and better access to interactive sessions. That's good to hear but I still don't think it will be as beneficial for the kids.

Of course the decision has a context which is Covid. Although local hospitalization rates and fatalities have not spiked, cases are edging up. I'm sure some parents already know they will opt for the safer option of at-home learning. But it will be a devil of a choice for parents of special needs kids and those whose home situation makes learning very difficult.

Even for us I don't know which way we will go just yet. What data should we base our decision on and which thresholds are 'safe enough'?

If Covid gets worse then there won't be a decision at all, we'll have to go with home learning either to start the year or as we enter winter.

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