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Counting on a vaccine to help re-open the economy is a false hope

I see a lot of people counting on a vaccine to dramatically reduce the threat of COVID-19 and helping re-open "life" within a year. I think that is a false hope. It is going to take several years to get an effective vaccine deployed worldwide. It could take even longer if the virus mutates regularly. Look how long we've spent working on flu vaccines and they still haven't been perfected yielding widely varying effectiveness from year to year. It is scientifically possible there will never be a highly effective vaccine.

I hang my hat more on developing effective treatment and better isolation for those with major underlying health conditions that place them at high risk. I don't think COVID-19 is ever going away and the idea we can defeat it before re-opening is fatally flawed. We're going to have to rely on being able to cope with it effectively instead.

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