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The surprising benefit of being an investor during a pandemic

I’m a long term investor with a strategy based on portfolio asset allocation. This is a forward thinking approach focused on major changes rather than twitches in valuation.

Around the world, almost every asset class has taken a major hit this month which is of course stressful. But inflection points in markets are times of opportunity. So after spending time last week reducing our planned spending for this year I’ve switched gears. The past few days I’ve been thinking over my existing portfolio and the changes I should make to benefit from the eventual recovery.

But all that’s not the point of the post. In going through this process I’ve found thinking through something complex and in the future has really helped me cope with the stress of the pandemic. You may not be an investor but maybe you can find something similar that interests you and would be equally beneficial. The virus is our present but it is not our future.

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