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If you’re interested in music you might want to tell your voice assistant to “Play KXT radio”

We’re very lucky here to have a no-commercial, music-focused public radio station that is member supported. It focuses on a mix of acoustic, alt-country, indie rock, alternative and world music with a solid mix of local musicians and groups. I’ve been listening to it for years and was thinking it might suit the taste of other people on here since they have a worldwide streaming presence.

KXT streams from their web site and apps but the easiest way to check it out is to tell your able voice assistant Play KXT radio.

KXT calls itself “The Republic of Music”, the community of listeners, members, artists and other supporters who make KXT and the North Texas music scene special. In The Republic of Music, everyone is welcome, everyone is equal and everyone has a voice. It’s the non-physical place where we’re all about the music — where listeners, members, artists and more come together to make KXT possible.

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