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Raspberry Pi 4 can’t walk and chew gum at the same time (WiFi vs Bluetooth)

Welp I thought I was done posting about the Raspberry Pi 4 but I have to add one more thing.

I noticed my Bluetooth keyboards tended to be wonky - trouble staying connected and/or repeating keys. So today I borrowed a different keyboard to try and the same thing happens. After doing some research at the Foundation’s site it turns out there are a lot of reports of this. The RPi 4 has trouble with Bluetooth keyboards when used simultaneously with WiFi. Since June of last year. Because, you know, nobody uses those two things together.

Solution: Don’t do that.

Either use a USB keyboard or only use Ethernet. Or you can pay up for a RF keyboard with proprietary dongle.

It’s aggravating but I consider this defect more an annoyance than the throttling. Though it does further undermine the ‘desktop alternative’ claims.

Oh, in other news I built a small circuit that will turn the fan on when the CPU heats up. It’s amazing how annoying even a tiny fan can me in a quiet space.

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