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Apple's Give Back program - more take away than giveth but Gazelle saves the day, TL;DR don’t assume Give Back is the best choice

Apple’s Give Back program has been a mixed bag for me this year, though mostly misses ➕They gave us a better price for my wife’s first gen 12.9” iPad Pro than others ➖Apple’s Give Back made a decent offer for our son’s iPad Air 2 but set the value to $0 when they received it because they said it wouldn’t power on(!?!). I told them to send it back and when it arrived it powered on fine and still had 94% charge. I complained but got no answer. Gazelle came to the rescue, said it checked out fine, and paid us. ➖Apple’s Give Back wouldn’t even make an offer on my 2013 MBP with the wonky battery. Again Gazelle came to the rescue and paid me a good price.

It seems Apple’s Give Back is tuned for newer gear and is pickier, or even shady, about the condition of items. But when Give Back pays it can be the best price. Over a longer history I’d say Gazelle accepts a wider range of gear and is reliable and has the advantage of providing funds that can be spent outside Apple’s stores.

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