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The Netflix price problem - maybe our time together is over

I’ve been mulling over the Netflix price increase. In terms of our budget it isn’t meaningful but I find myself displeased. I think the money is used to pay for expensive original content which happens to not appeal to us - we just don’t watch it. At one point in time they had what I considered to be the most user friendly UI amongst streaming services on top of diverse content. But they’ve made it less user-friendly and more “watch what we tell you to watch”. And on our AppleTV if we try to browse through shows it immediately plays previews and there is no way to disable that. It is really annoying trying to look at a descriptions and all the sudden this loud preview plays. Often our watch list is buried below lists of “what’s hot” and etc (I have no idea why this moves around).

At one point multiple streams had us on their top-priced plan and I had forgotten that. Today I downgraded our plan to the middle one. For the first time I can see us living without Netflix. Since it was our first streaming service it’s a bit sad.

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