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A quick note on my replacement for Adobe Photoshop and on their onerous approach to subscriptions aka “Creative Cloud”

A few months back I dropped the Adobe Photo plan subscription. I’ve never gotten along with Lightroom (still pining for Aperture!) and didn’t feel the cost justified my infrequent and light usage of Photoshop. Their recent approach to Cloud storage and deprecation of the standalone app left a really bad taste in my mouth. Plus, for me, their Cloud approach made for an extremely awkward workflow. I’ve been doing simple work in Apple’s Photos app on iOS and macOS as well as randomly using apps like Darkroom on iOS for more advanced photo processing.

I recently needed to do some Photoshop-type photo editing and recalled getting Affinity Photo for macOS for free about a year ago. I fired it up and It was a great alternative and I quickly accomplished what I needed. After doing some research I decided to buy the iOS version. It is quite powerful and after watching a couple of their tutorial videos I’m getting along quite well with it. I appreciate they put in the work to do some very clever things to take advantage of a touch device. It feels good and is a productive approach - better than on my Mac.

Disclaimer: this is just my opinion, I get nothing out of posting this, and don’t know anyone working for the company. N.B. I wish people disclosed this kind of information in posts about products. I often see people post positive comments on product’s and later find they are compensated, have a relationship with, or get special privileges from the company. Not cool.

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