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My WWDC hardware wish list

I’ve been mulling over my hardware wishes for WWDC. The order is based on what I’d jump at the chance to buy.

  1. A soundbar version of HomePod (not I chance, I fear)
  2. A super powerful Mac Mini at least on par with a top end (non-Pro) iMac (failing that, I don't care if they update it at all)
  3. New 10" scale iPad Pro with Face recognition and general upgrades (I'm ready to hand down mine to one of the kids). Extra points for a new keyboard with an ESC key.
  4. An iMac update with large SSDs at cheaper price points and with more powerful graphics GPUs

I’ll also note updated MacBook Pros with improved keyboards though I don’t plan to buy one any time soon. I’m not convinced the currently shipping ones have a huge problem but I’d like Apple to put this grousing to bed.

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