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My social media conversion status


  • I no longer use the web UI or Tweetbot
  • My profile now only contains a link to my site's About page
  • I've unfollowed most people/companies here and instead have the ones I most care about hooked into Feedbin.
  • I think I'll stop cross-posting soon and stopped posting directly several weeks ago
  • I've asked several companies to make their important tweets available via RSS feeds. We'll see.


  • I no longer post anything to FB
  • I left most groups including the Mac Power User's Podcast group. If they ever switch to a more traditional forum system I'd be interested.
  • ...but I still have to check the app periodically since the schools and HOA communicate over FB and a few family members post news as well


  • I've stopped posting here
  • If there was an ability to cross post out of the box I might do that selectively but I am not willing to put any effort into it
  • I've un-followed many accounts but still check in periodically


  • I used to be a heavy user. If they restore it as a viable social media option with a photography slant I'd be interested.

Last but not least

  • I'm on the cross-posting plan as some of the limitations of their hosting and apps remain a significant issue for me - I'm hosting my own Wordpress site
  • That said, I'm quite happy with the community. I'll lose contact with a number of folks as part of the transition from the other platforms but I'm focusing here for social type interactions. It's worth it.
  • Very happy that Manton no longer sees the world as flat (i.e. square photos bias)
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