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My Feedbin revelation

I recently adopted Feedbin to read RSS feeds as well as for reading posts from people/companies I follow on Twitter. That latter feature has been a revelation and showed how messed up Twitter’s “timeline” approach is. The accounts I follow on Twitter fall into a few broad categories: people I know well (family, friends, close colleagues), finance & investing professionals, and news accounts (mostly tech news). The way the Twitter timeline blindly mashes a bunch of completely unrelated posts together was quite jarring to me (though I didn’t realize it until now) and always put me in the “scan through quickly” mode that really hampered any real engagement or absorption of what people were saying.

Using Feedbin each account’s posts are separated. So a couple of times a day I put on my “money hat” and delve into the feeds on finance and investing where I can deep drive right away (browser-based) on anything of interest. The same for my feeds (Twitter and RSS) in the other categories. It probably sounds like such a simple (or obvious?) thing but I really am getting much more out of the info being posted.

Twitter lists could have been used to group categories like this together but the UI would still be very cluttered and there is no integration with RSS feeds. Plus I always found managing the lists so much trouble I never maintained them.

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