Ron Guest

Ron Guest

Apple Watch for the Win? or Loss?

I’ve recently responded to several people asking variations on the question of whether they should get an Apple Watch. It has been a thought provoking exercise as I face a dilemma on whether to replace mine.

I have a series 0 Apple Watch. When the AW[footnote title=“…”]Apple Watch[/footnote] was announced I was lukewarm but ended up having major orthopedic surgery with a long recovery period. I really felt a fitness device would help motivate me to recover as quickly as possible and was most interested in the AW since I felt if I was going to spend money it might as well be on something multifunction[footnote title=“…”]instead of something like a Fitbit[/footnote]. The AW completely lived up to my expectations in this regard and definitely aided my recovery - enough to justify the cost on this basis alone.

Before I got the AW I had stopped wearing watches altogether even though I have a few nice ones[footnote title=“…”] including some with sentimental value but these days having a clock on a wrist seems redundant[/footnote]. On the few special occasions I’ve worn one I always scolded the old-school watch for being nearly useless. It’s basically a piece of static jewelry rather than a useful device[footnote title=“…”]I’m not much into jewelry…[/footnote]. I glance at myΒ AW and immediately see a very clear display of the date and time[footnote title=“…”]no matter the lighting conditions[/footnote], the status of my 3 fitness rings, an at-a-glance view of upcoming meetings, and the current and forecast weather for the day. Some of the situational features I find very useful are the abilities to answer (often reject) phone calls at a glance, to quickly make simple responses to text messages, and to control my music selections and volume during workouts. I value not needing to pull my phone out of my pocket to keep up with life.

Here is what’s bothering me - the battery situation. Mine is degrading to the point it is iffy if it will last the whole day. A couple of days ago it went into power reserve mode before 8pm. A battery replacement would cost $80 nearly 25% the cost of a replacement watch. Do I really want to pay to replace the watch every 3 years[footnote title=“…”]I consider the battery replacement a bad investment because the series 0 is so friggin slow…[/footnote]? It’s not a matter of affordability so I am not sure why this bothers me so much nor do I know what I’m going to ultimately decide. I guess it is a techie’s dilemma and partly a holdover based on an outmoded idea of watches.

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