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Ron Guest

Smoking Hot: AT&T 4G LTE Hotspot (Elevate)

Last month I decided to get a Mifi/Mobile hotspot device and went with the AT&T Elevate. It’s a 4G LTE device (or at least claims to deliver LTE speed). I’ve played with it for a few weeks and have noticed everything seems snappier when I’m on the Elevate when compared to Wifi on my home Uverse network. So I ran a series of tests with the Speedtest app and the two screenshots are representative of the results. Pretty impressive…

This first screenshot shows typical results with an iPad connected to my home Wifi. Respectable download speed (I’m on a fairly cheap rate plan) but as always Uverse upload speed totally sucks.

Below is the result using my iPad connected to the Elevate. Damn impressive as it is 40% faster for downloading and more than 3x faster for uploads. Note for these tests the Elevate was showing a single bar of signal strength.

So if I really need to do something in a hurry I’ll be sure I’ve connected to my Elevate. The service plan includes 5GB in the base fee. Fairly generous but certainly means I can’t use the Elevate full time.

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