Ron Guest

Ron Guest

iPad 2 Disappointing? I don't think so...

I’ve seen several pundits criticizing the iPad 2 saying it is only a small improvement over the original iPad. Competitors surely aren’t thinking so - including most who are only now managing to get their first version out. As usual the pundits err largely in looking at this Apple product as a standalone “device” forgetting (intentionally, I have to think at this point) that Apple products are part of a system, are very well built and run (generally) superior software with more diverse and useful applications. And in the iPad/tablet category Apple, for once, is not the high priced product. In fact it is on the lower end considering the screen size.

The fact of the matter is the iPad 2 delivers on key features prospective users wanted. I’m finally willing to buy an iPad and know a number of others who feel the iPad 2 has pushed over the crest and will now buy as well. There will be a buying frenzy come the 11th. My only complaint right now is I can’t simply pre-order and expect one to show up. Read the below article on one competitor’s surprisingly frank comments.

Samsung Exec Says Aspects Of Galaxy Tab ‘Inadequate’

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