Ron Guest

Ron Guest

Dems & big gov't spenders need to read this...

I hate to pick on the Democrats - because both parties are worthy targets of complaint - but when it comes to spending, the deficit and taxation they’re the ones who spout the most foolish rhetoric and pursue the most damaging policies. Without a fiscally sound government no other policies can survive or prosper. The Dems like to say we just need to tax the rich more or tax everyone making above minimum wage more but the simple fact of the matter is even if we enact such changes it will not solve the deficit problem. And Hauser’s “Law” along with other lessons from the past show that people have a way of adapting to higher taxation in ways that minimize or even avoid a rise in the government’s revenue.

All of our Federal representatives need to face down the deficit/budget problem. But it is the Democrats falsely acting as if the problem can be solved by just taxing a few “fat cats” who aren’t paying their fair share. Perpetuating this notion in the mind of their backers is the one thing doing the most damage to gaining the popular support needed to reform our spending and hence guarantee a healthy future for our country. There is only one solution and that is to reduce Federal government spending. Politicians of both parties need to convince their constituents of this fact and then work to agree on the cuts needed. We can’t afford to have spending cuts pushed through in the same “gun to their head” approach Pelosi and the Dems used to pass the health care “reform” legislation.

Living with Hauser’s Law

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