Ron Guest

Ron Guest

Dear MacBook Air Accessory Designers

Or, what I really want for Christmas.

As the owner of a new MacBook Air (11”) there are a few things I need that ya’ll haven’t created yet. I’m saving you thousands in market research dollars by telling you what you need to create.

  1. I want a stand. It only needs to do two things. First, securely hold the MBA in the vertical position. Second, it must act as a power dock. I.e. when I place the MBA vertically in the stand it will connect to the MagSafe port and charge the MBA.
  2. Although the 12" Targus Netbook sleeve does a decent job holding the MBA it's utilitarian style clashes. And I worry the zipper will scratch the Air as I slide it in and out since the zipper parts are exposed and it is a tight fit. While you're at it, please add a very discrete handle.
  3. I have a closet full of backpacks and messenger bags. They will all hold the MBA and even carry it in style. But the Air is so small putting it in a standard bag is like using a city bus to drive one person around town. Please create some bags scaled to my Air. And you better make 'em stylish. I know SF Bags has some that look good but they're impossible to obtain. Plus more options is always better.

I’ve been a very good boy so please create this ASAP. My credit card is all ready to go!

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