Ron Guest

Ron Guest

AirPlay: Why Folks Love Apple Products

I was really looking forward to the release of AirPlay and my first day enjoying it was not a disappointment. We had some friends over for the evening and our quiet get together turned into a rockin’ evening as we used my iPhone to stream songs (mostly club mixes) and music videos through the AppleTV. “How can you do that???” was the understandable first reaction from our friends. Their second reaction was “can I just go to the Apple store to buy one?”

AirPlay is, to me, a great example of why Apple products are so popular. Apple products in a given category may not be “the best in class” but taken together as a lifestyle system there is absolutely no other company or product family that comes close. Technology implemented in such straightforward ways even my 6 year old can understand and use it with ease. It is getting harder and harder to resist buying a couple more Apple TVs for the house…

via TUAWΒ Hands on with AirPlay: iPad and Apple TV updates make a magic combination.

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