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MacBook Air, iPads, tablets and longings

Yesterday’s announcement of the MacBook Air and yawn Lion got me thinking (a usually dangerous, sometimes expensive, situation). The MBA is one sexy device. It calls my name. Even more so than an iPad. But as soon as I let any rational thought enter the picture the MBA quickly takes second place to the iPad. Even though the MBA shares some cool features like instant on and SSD storage having to - gasp - open a lid to use a portable device now seems nearly pre-historic. I don’t own an iPad but my iPhone 4 has completely hooked me on the idea of one-touch access to all my common needs. Yeah, there definitely is a market for something portable and cool that runs Mac OS apps instead of iOS. But apparently that is one market I don’t belong to.

I’ve had a chance to see some of the smaller tablets (7” display sizes). At the moment I have to agree with Steve they are a very inferior experience. Not just because of their less capable software but, as he said, the smaller size really detracts from the experience. So, yeah there is a market for the smaller tablets and they are definitely not DOA. But it’s another market segment I don’t belong to.

Here’s hoping the next generation iPad is compelling enough to make me pull Β the trigger on a purchase. I think a front facing camera is about all it will take :-)

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